Friday, August 26, 2005

Hey hey it's Friday

And it's a long weekend, which means three lie ins!!

Last Saturday Stuart and I took a drive up to Hatfield to look around some of the little villages in the area for one that we may want to live in. We were both happy with Kimpton so now the search for a house begins. We will rent initially and then look into buying a property.

It's all very exciting but i'm also nervous moving away form an area that has been home for a long time. I will miss Mortlake but I think it's time for a change and business wise for Stuart it will be a good one. I will have a possibly longer commute but with a book to read it won't bother me. The weekends will be bliss with lots of open space for Stuart to fly and lots of place for the cats to run free and gasp, maybe even a garden with grass, lol.

We are hoping to look at some houses either this weekend or next.

The weather forcast for the weekend is good, nice and sunny!


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Cath said...

Wow, house hunting, how exciting! Hope you find something soon!

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