Sunday, December 24, 2006

Wishing all my friends and family all over the world a very Merry Christmas!! I hope you have a wonderful day and what ever you do, stay safe. Love you all!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


4 sleeps till Christmas and this year it is going to be a very quiet one at our house, just Stu and I, for the first time in our relationship we will be spending the day alone! We are still going to cook a proper Christmas dinner, but doing a chicken and perhaps a ham too, with parsnips, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts, yorkshire puds and gravy! Yum Yum!! We'll be stocking up on coal and mulled wine and enjoying a day spent watching TV and relaxing. I can't wait!!

And another countdown......100 sleeps till the wedding! Yikes, where has the time gone?? lol! We have some decisions to make about the order of service and the final menu in January and I am hoping to get to the florist tomorrow to confirm exactly what flowers we want at the reception. I need to speak to the ladies in the church about flowers too....oh golly so much to do.

Work finishes at 4 today and i am away till next Wednesday. Looking forward to the break as this month has been pretty hectic. Both at work and getting all the wedding invites done and sent! I have a hair cut booked tomorrow and afterwards I am meeting Sue and Lyzzy for hot chocolate and cake!! Can't wait to have a good gossip and chat!

Right now I have to get back to my knitting or else i'll never finish in time for Christmas! have a good day y'all!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh boy, where has the week gone??

Thank goodness the madness of the last two weeks is over and life can get back to normal. I felt physically and emotion beat this last weekend, and am only now feeling like i'm getting the feeling back in my legs.

We have a company holiday on Friday so i'll enjoy a lovely long weekend! So I will use the day to do last minute things for me, like getting my hair cut and buying a winter coat. Thankfully my Christmas shopping is already done and wrapped sitting under the tree!!

We woke up this morning to temperatures of -3 degrees and lots of thick frost, we had a nightmare getting the ice of the windscreen of Stus car and as we were driving down the A1 it cracked from a tiny chip!! I was very worried it was going to explode in my face and I hope he manages to get it fixed sometime today.

Tonight is works Christmas party and we are going for a meal and drinks, well the drinking will continue late into the night without me, lol. Stu is collecting me from the station so I can at least have a few glasses of wine ;)

Right, and now I think I need a cup of tea!! Have a good day y'all

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nearly there.....

today thankfully was not as hectic as it has been so i actually managed to have some down time and get around to a little web surfing, not that I found anything exciting, lol!!

My whinge for today is why the heck can't people say a simple thank you?? it beggars belief really.

Which reminds me....Anam I STILL have two rolls of DST sitting on my desk for you! Please email me and let me know what addy to send them to and I promise to get it done asap, oh and i'll pop a few bars of galaxy in there for you too!

How passionate are you about blossoms?? Well if you are anything like me you love them! so get yourself over to Scrapfairies and feast your eyes on the gorgeous fairy flowers! They are selling like hot cakes so be quick!

Did I mention I am doing Shimelles Christmas journal?? Well I am but I am also terribly behind :( although not with the journaling thankfully (I am doing that every day in my moleskine journal) but with the actual pages. I hope to have a chance to do a blitz this weekend and get myself up to date! We'll see ;)

Right now I need to go decide if I am going for a cycle (a static one in the garage) or sit and knit, mmmmmmm......and I leave you with an old image but one that reminds me of a glorious summer on this cold windy winters evening.

Later dudes!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Why are people so blooming rude?? This morning a guy walks into our office (he actully works for us in head office but is on a course this week), walks right past me at reception, so I turn and say 'hi you need to sign in please'.

Now just before I go on the reason they need to sign in each morning is......if there is a fire in the building we grab the sign in sheets and evacuate, and when we all meet up outside I can make sure that everyone signed in is outside, and if someone is missing I can alert the fire brigade.

So anyway this idiot has his earphones in so can't hear me and just keeps going. I have no issues with people listening to personal stereos while on the train (at a reasonable volume), while walking (although i think it is dangerous not to be able to hear cars etc) but when you walk into an office just out of courtesy and manners you take them out and say good morning! So now just to be a cow I am tempted to mark him as not hear so head office think he didn't attend every day of his course Mwhahahahahahah.

Monday, December 11, 2006

blimmin' hectic

Last week was a nightmare at work, too busy to touch down!! And my laptop has been playing silly buggers with the internet for ages so not much access in the evenings. Thought I had sorted it on Saturday when I did the hundred and one updates that have been popping up all over the place, but by Sunday is was slow again.......

Anyway this week is just as bad so not sure when i'll be able to the mean time I leave you with the knowledge that my wedding invites are finally done and ready to go in the post this afternoon, all cacooned in the envie with our Christmas cards. Woo Hoo!! No backing out now ;) My Christmas journal is lagging behind :( and I have a cj to do and get out by today :O sorry guys it will go tomorrow now! Oh and i'm picking up another cj from Sue tonight!

Laters dudes, and have a great week!!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006


It's the 1st of December and the day we start opening our advent presents! I received my box on Wednesday and last night I opened it up to make sure I knew where parcel number 1 was to make it easy to find and open at 6.15 this morning, lol. There was no way I was waiting till we got home tonight! I got a pack of twist ties, something I have been dying to try for so long but never bought, so hugest thanks secret santa!!

I have also received a few parcels from mom this week, an AMM scrappers hand bag, :) and this lush kit from Wild Limes Studio a SA based scrappbook kit company. Of course mom ordered us both the delux kit which is R450 and of course postage to send it to me was very expensive but it is truely well worth it as I have enough to complete a whole album!

Isn't the box it comes in divine!!

I have tried to lay everything out so you can see what's in there! There is a better picture on the web site though. The journal on the left hand side of the box is from
Go West Studios IT IS AMAZING!! The front cover is acrylic which is etched with a paisley pattern, so unusual, but i'm scared to do anything with it in case I do and get a better use idea the next day, lol!

I can't wait for tomorrow what I can take everything out and have a proper look at all the wonderful goodies!

And now I must go do some work! It is super busy at work next week so we have lots to do in preparation today! Have a good day y'all!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

got a few minutes

before I head for home so thought i would use the time to blog!

My weekend was good, spent most of it indoors cause it was quite chilly and miserable! Thunder, lightning and hail for some of it :o

I am taking part in the advent swap on the pad and really not had a good time doing it :( not that I don't love buying for people and of course having a little something to open everyday but as it's my first ever advent swap I really didn't know what to buy and if the person would like it. Anyway, my parcels (had to make up two boxes cause of sizes etc) have gone, one yesterday and one today both special delivery. I do hope my swapee likes it! And my parcel arrived today which is very exciting.

I've had some catching up to do on CJs and have more to do this weekend to send off on Monday and then i'm up to date till the next wave comes in, i'm only in two but tend to have too many at once to complete, and then I panic, lol.

And I have wedding invites to make this weekend. Stu is at bike training both Saturday and Sunday so i'll be scrapping up a storm :D

Right I must go or i'll miss my train. I have some photos to post but my laptop is playing the fool with the internet so I have to see how to get them onto my work pc to post from here......


Friday, November 24, 2006

A week to recover

from a totally awesome weekend at Barnett Hill! I had the best time, although a fellow gutter girl wasn't there which was sad :( but I know she was there in spirit. We missed you Marja!! So here are a couple of pics of the beautiful building, we went out a little late on Sunday so by the time we had walked around the garden the light was fading fast but I still mananged to get some cool photos to scrap.
My room was next to the shop, and I had some thoughts of burrowing my way through the wall to have a midnight rummage through the ribbons, but by the time I stumbled up to my room it was far too late for anything but sleep!!
Zenia needed a now photo of herself so I got to play photographer! She is so photogenic and I think she was happy with the results :)
I also took some of Debbie who is also a great model and very photogenic, makes it easy to take good photos!

A huge thanks must go out to Debbie and Tim of ScrapMagic for yet another successful ScrapManic and to Al and Justine for their patience and kindness opening up the shop at midnight for those essential scrapping needs! My classes were fab, thanks to Debbie J, Jools and Al (links on RHS - Daisy and Jools!)

As always it was so lovely to see old friends and make new ones. Janice was my hero of the weekend, helping me design and plan my wedding invites and organising the ribbon which arrived today - you are a special lady, thanks hun :wub:

And finally tonight I am speshal! I have had the honour, again, of being a Speshal girl. I am using the speshal dares as prompts for BOM pages, my thoughts and feelings as I am now at this moment in time. I really am loving the journey! This weeks theme is 'things for which we are thankful', and I am thankful for two very special people in my life, my gram and grumps. Through it all, they were the one thing that was always constant in my life, always there for me and always the same. I love and miss them so much.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Woo hoo, it's the start of ScrapManic 6 and I am all packed and ready to go!! Only problem is if I leave now i'll be way to early so I am pacing like a caged tiger till 12, lol. Okay I can't sit still to type so i'm going back to my pacing.

Have a good weekend y'all!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

I fear I have been slacking again!!! My work pcs have gremlins so my internet time is severly limited if I even manage to get logged onto a machine. Today I am logged into a colleagues desktop with another colleagues log in details :O Not great security, but needs must!

I have the most awesome weekend coming up, yes it is almost here...............SCRAPMANIC 6!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Friday I will be heading off around lunch time to arrive early afternoon for a weekend of hugs, shopping, great company and fab food, oh yes and loads of scrapping!! The classes all look amazing this year, just a pity I can't do them all.

Stu bought himself a motor bike last Thursday, poor thing can't ride it yet cause he's not done the licence but the bike is bought and we are now collecting the biking gear. We have helmets (very nice- matt black space age jobs!), and he has boots and a jacket. But still needs gloves and water proof trousers to go over his jeans. I am a bit nervous about him being out on a bike, nothing to do with his ability, more to do with the idiots on the road who have no regard at all for bikers. I can't stop him doing it so I will just pray for his safety.

Yesterday we had the best visitors - Stus aunt and uncle Koekie and Roland, well they aren't really his aunt and uncle, Koekie and his mom were cousins but I guess it's close enough, lol. Koekie is the most wonderful person you can ever meet, she is just kindness and love rolled into one beautiful lady. I am so lucky to have her in my life and wish she was closer to me so I could see her every day. They are on their way to live in Canada, with their daughter Debbie (who is nuts!) her husband Stuart and their children. So I guess they are a little closer which is a bonus. Their son Adrian lives here with his wife Vanessa so it made sense for them to stop over and have a little visit before continuing their trip. I am hoping that between us all we can arrange their flights for them to come over for the wedding, it will be all the more special if they're here. (reading back there are far too may theirs, thems and theys in that paragraph but I just can't re-type it all to get rid of them, lol, and another one)

I still have a few bits to finish off for the advent market on Saturday, I also need to find a cloth to go on the table and plan how it is going to be set out. Everything needs to be priced so I guess I need to think about what to charge!!

Okay I think that's me up to date with what's going on in my life, no picture today cause as I said I am on anothers pc!

Have a good day and week y'all. Thanks for looking

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's been a

shocking day! Very horrible and I even had tears, luckily to myself far away from the crowds :(

But i'm better now and counting the minutes till I can go home and give my Stu a great big hug and kiss cause I love him so much and he always makes me feel like a princess!!

I had the most amazing day on Friday, it was just FAB and I loved having the time with Jo and Danni. Brought back some lovely childhood memories of us shopping together at Sandton City in Joburg! I met them at Harrods and we spent time looking in the Christmas shop, where I bought some bright funky baubles! and the bag section where we spied some lovely Kipling bags! Before spending too much money we decided that maybe some early lunch was in order, not a bad idea considering none of us had had breakfast yet! Settling on pizza we went down to the pizzeria on the ground floor. They do make YUMMY pizzas down there! We resisted the ice cream and Krispy Kremes for dessert!

After our lunch we went back up to the Christmas shop to look at the price of a fairy that I lurve but she was just too expensive and I couldn't justify the money, although if I had been on my own I probably would have bought it anyway!

So instead of a fairy I decided I had to have a new Kipling bag :D It's deliciously bright pink and very similar to one of my others but a bit bigger. And um actually I had two! the other is a tottie little cutie bag in the same bright pink with spotty buttons. I did forget to photograph my purchases but I will try remember to take a pic of the bags tonight!

After Harrods we jumped on a bus to High Street Kensington were we did an underwear shop in M&S. Man I just couldn't leave England and M&S, lol!! And had a browse around Boots were I bought some perfume and a mascara, it's the only make up I wear, when I remember, and mine was all dry and causing lumps!

After a coffee break we stopped into Argos for some towels for Danni and then got the bus to Hammersmith, which took an age and was so frustrating we eventually jumped off and walked the rest of the way. We met up with Tania, haven't seen her for yonks so it was good to have a quick catch up and of course she's not seen Jo for about 6 or 7 years.

I bought some plain black shoes in Evans for work, all my work shoes are falling apart so they've all gone to shoe heaven!

And at this point we were quite shopped out! Ready to drop! It took forever to get a cab back to the Ship in Mortlake where we met up with Stu, had a bite to eat and said bye to Jo. It truely was great to see her, she is like a new person and I love that she has taken control of her life and her weight, (she's lost 30 kgs in 3 months and looks terrific)!! She's got a bit to go but I think the battle is won as her head is right and that is the hardest bit.

Our weekend was good, we shopped (more!) on Saturday, I needed a coat and some work trousers, came away with work trousers and two new tops, but no coat! Stu needed more fireworks and I needed more wool to knit some scarves for Christmas. I got a pattern book online last week so I also tried to get wool to knit a jumper but my shop didn't have what I wanted so I had to order yesterday online.

Saturday night we went to Steve and Kirsty for jacket potatoes with sausages and beans and fireworks. They had a few and Stu added to the pile with his 54 sky rockets :O I know, it's obscene!! We had a great night and only got to bed at 2am, which is the latest we have been out in years!

Sunday we had to go to ASDA for a few bits, and landed up buying loads of DVDs so on Sunday afternoon I knitted and we watched madagascar and Home On The Range, neither of which we had seen before.

And all too soon it was time for bed and the end of another weekend!

One of my fav LOs done last year for the block competition on UKS. The photo is also one of my favourites and I felt quite intrusive taking it of a special moment between Stu and his niece.

Right and after that epic tale the minutes have certainly marched on and it's nearly time to go home. So I wish you all a pleasant evening and a good week!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Shop till you drop!!

I am off to Harrods and High Street Kensington with my cousins today! I can't wait as it is almost a year since i have done the London shopping thing, and I do love it!! Got my shopping list which is growing by the second and a definate stop is the Christmas Shop in Harrods, gotta get a little something for the tree. If I get myself organised I will take a piccy of my bags before I unpack and an after shot with all my goodies!!

I finished this LO last night. It's a photo of my gram and me on the beach in Cape Town, drinking orange juice with maybe a drop of champagne! I haven't dated the LO cause I can't quite work out how old I was, hopefully mom will be able to help with that one.

Papers are crate carnival (YUMMY), scenic route chipboard alphas both from Box room booty, flowers are primas, aunty sarahs bloomers(sarah cards) and angel kisses from bumblebee crafts, and the large white flower is from Jillybeans. And of course lots of ink!

I am so tempted to buy another pack of this carnival paper cause it is just so joyfull but i've done 3 LOs with it already and I still have a couple of sheets of paper left so don't want to go all overkill, mmmmmmm will keep thinking about that one.

So ends another week, and what a boring week it has been! I have been walking about the office trying to find things to do that will take more than 5 minutes and actually stimulate the brain cells a bit. I must get my CV updated next week!!

Right i'm off in a bit so i'll sign off now, have a great day and thanks for looking y'all!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Crikey Wednesday already, how time flies!! 16 sleeps till ScrapManic, I cannot wait any longer, lol. Stu has very kindly offered to do an advent market for me the same weekend as SM, cause I managed to double book myself, and I have been frantically making him stuff to sell. Using up all the tins, clipboards and blank cards I had stored up in my scrap cupboard. He has 15 packs of cards, 2 large and about 9 small clipboards, a picture frame (altered/painted and decorated), and a seletion of decorated tins. And there are a few other bits half made that will be ready by then too!

Two LOs of holidays I had with my grandparents at a seaside hotel north of Durban.

They lived in Joburg and used to drive down to Durban, pick me up and drive up the coast to the hotel, even though it was a short trip (for me!) I felt like I was a million miles away from home. Gram would lay on a sun lounger tanning and drinking tea, I would join her in the afternoons for a milkshake, lol. And Grumps and I would walk along the beach picking up shells and looking for treasure in the rock pools, we did find an old rusty watch once! We would also occasionally use Grams silk scarves to fish for tiny fish in the rock pools :D

The weather has suddenly turned very cold! It was 4 degrees last night and this morning I had ice on the windscreen of the car. The temp during the day is predicted at between 10 and 12 for the rest of the week going into the weekend. I may even get to wear my new furry boots that I have had for two months and not had the cold weather to wear yet!

Right well I guess I had better find some work to do today considering I have done very little so far this week, lol.

Oh and I also got a yummy parcel from Jo at Box Room Booty (link on the right!) yesterday. Lots of Scenic Route chipboard alphas, crate paper and a wee charm. If you've not yet shopped with Jo, GO NOW!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

We got Danni all moved into her new house on Saturday. It looks lovely with all her new things but I fear she may need a proper removals van when she moves again. She has gone from a tiny box room into a one bed flat. So now owns loads of stuff, including a vacuum cleaner and iron!

This LO was done as part of 'The Block' comp on UKS last year. My challenge was to use my partners fav technique and I was partnered up with Kirsty (KEW) who's fav technique is hand cutting. I hand cut the title and the dingbat in the corner. The photo was taken last April at Clan William which is in Orange country, north of Cape Town.

And it's another week in the quietest office in London. I have lots of work news but as it has taken me all day to write this much (in between playing HEXIC!) that it may take weeks to catch you all up, lol.

Under 3 weeks till ScrapManic, I am sooooooo excited!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Another week has gone by since I last updated my blog....bad bad blogger. I really am trying but the days seem to just fly by!

UKS are having a gallery and old thread clear out so I have copied my old LOs onto my work pc so I can upload them here, will pop one on every day next week which will make me log on and blog!!

So here is the first, this is a photo of mum on her honeymoon, many many moons ago. I love this photo cause she looks so happy and care free, and so full of life. Papers are wild asparagus which were my favourites for a while, actually i still love them, just not used them in ages.

3 weeks today I will be on my way down to ScrapManic VI!! Actually I will almost be there, ready to check into my room at 2. Unpack the car and wait for all my wonderful friends to arrive so we can start the best weekend ever! I can't wait to see old friends, and by old, I mean - known for years, lol, and to meet and make new ones.

Danni is moving into her new flat tomorrow, and we're going down to help her with the van and of course to take her tv, dvd player, and micro that she bought while visiting last weekend. I can't belive she is leaving flat sharing to live on her own!! Such a grown up thing to do, way to go chicken, you'll love it!

And now I gotta go to some work :(

haPPy frIDay y'all and have a fab weekend!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Scrapfairies DT is live!! I'm not posting sneaky peaks cause you can see the real thing no, lol. My first submissions so go easy on me. Sam sent us the most delicious kit, Chatterbox papers (my fav), a blank tag book, yummy ribbons, slide mounts and gorgeous fairy flowers, these babies rock! I made up the tag book with photos of summer 2006, a card and a LO using my banner photo. I don't like photos of myself cause of the double chins and bulges but I seem to have been able to look past all that with this photo, maybe cause Anam made it look so lovely in my banner.

I totally forgot to tag people when I did my tag, but I know this has done it's rounds SO if you read this blog and haven't yet been tagged - consider yourself tagged now, lol. And send me a link so I can read up about your wierdness. Oh and Sam tagged me again so I will have a think and try come up with another 5 wierd things about myself.

I am going to get a little contravercial here, but I just can't keep my feelings to myself on this topic! Madonna and child........I have always defended Madonna although I know she stood on alot of toes and heads, on her climb up the ladder of success, she used people to get to the top, and hey it's okay cause in the pop world it really is the only way to get there. But this adoption thing is just way out of line! She bought a baby, a baby that has a parent, okay granted he can't afford to look after him, but there are hundreds of real orphans out there, babies who have no one, that will never one day go back to the parent/s. And now she wants another one, a girl, from the same village. Get a grip Madge. You don't buy babies! The adoption process takes years and there are hundreds of people on the register who don't have a spare mil to pay for the pleasure of having their own child. It's now a fashion statement that Britney has apparently stated she also wants an African baby. I have lost all respect for Madonna and will not support her music. (Although I hardly think it will make a difference in her life or to her bank balance.

I wish all those people who genuinely want to adopt all the luck and success in the world.

Lots of 'famous' bloggers leaving the blogging world, Rhonna Farrer and Cathy Z, and a few leaving the public world of scrapping, which is very sad but they must have their reasons and no doubt the change will be good for them.

This is a round about way has me thinking about why I blog, what to put on my blog and how often I update it. I love blogging and getting my thoughts out, but I just wish I could get to it everyday and at home on my laptop so I can add photos and LOs, but more often than not I blog at work, like now, where I don't have access to that sort of thing. The main reason for the blog is so my family and friends overseas can keep up with my life, scrapping and otherwise, but I do love that other scrappy people read it too so I do try keep up. I guess for the 'famous' scrap bloggers it's much more pressure to keep up and give something back to your fans. Oh well I wish them all well and hope they find what they are looking for away from the lime light.

And hey hey it's Friday!! I think there is a promise of rain the whole weekend, which will be good for the garden and my remaining summer flowers. Not so good for my huge washing pile *insert rolleye blinkie here*. Stu is out for bit of it so it will have to be a scrappy weekend for me!

Have a good weekend y'll!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ooh it's been a long time since I last blogged

so apologies to those who read up on my life, I don't mean to be so slack.

So what's been happening????
Well I was a little ill last week, so had some time off work, just came back today and have had a hectic morning catching up. That's the real down side of being off! I really wish I had accessed my mail from home cause then I could have kept up with the workload.
I've also been trying out my knitting skills, nothing too fancy just a few scarves, a hat and i'm half way through a little hand bag. The first scarf went well, the second not so well, mainly because I made up the purl stitch I used, haha, but it looks okay. I figured out it was a made up stitch when I was half way through my hat and it looked nothing like the photograph on the pattern, so ripped it all out and looked up how to purl on the internet, DOH! Oh how we laughed. Anyway the bag is going well, but slow as the needles are so tiny and I have to keep changing wool.

I think everyone is going to get knitted gear from us for Christmas this year! I may even make the cats a new blanket for their basket, they have an old towel in there now, bless :D

And i've been tagged by Debs (Daisy on the right!)
The rules are: List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.
1. Even at 18 months old, Josh (my cat), hasn't lost his kitten meow. I think it's cause he was neutered young and his wotsits didn't have a chance to um drop!
2. I hate buying shoes that make my feet look big
3. Flo (my other cat) likes to cuddle with her head tucked under your arm so no one can see her.
4. For me, the best part of going to the cinema is having popcorn.
5. I am paranoid of my hair being wavy on the sides, I don't care what the back looks like, just the sides!

The wedding is all coming together, the big things are booked, I just need to decide on the invites, finalise the decor and sort the accomodation for the overseas visitors. Ho hum and only 5 and a half months to go!!

I have also been watching FRIENDS! I bought the 10 series box set and am about half way through series 3, boy it's going to take ages to finish.

Right i'm off home home, have a good evening y'all and if I feel inspired tonight I may even upload a few sneaky peaks at some DT work i've done! See ya later!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

and so it goes on......

it is day three of Stuart birthday and he has had a good one this year, lol. So to recap he got clothes, a case of beer and a wallet from me. A BBQ cover from his brother and a T-shirt from his neices.

Then yesterday I took delivery of a SYNERGY N9, *huh* I hear you say, lol, yes I understand cause I don't get it either. BUT it is apparently the new, must have, premium radio control helicopter that is taking the world by storm!! It was held up in customs and didn't get to me till late yesterday afternoon, hence poor thing only getting boring clothes for his birthday (heehee), but he was so excited when he saw it and I felt good, getting him a gift he really wanted.

4 gallons of fuel, a swashplate *huh* and a motor where delivered to my work today which was all part of Johns gift which also didn't arrive in time for the day.

All in all he has had an awesome birthday and I am so looking forward to mine now!!

A pic I have posted before that is a last reminder of a glorious summer, learning how to look after a garden and appreciating life in the country!

Good night y'all and thanks for visiting!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Autumn has certainly arrived! The mornings and evenings are very cold, and there is a bite in the wind. Although I do enjoy getting the winter wollies out and being all cosy and snug in my furry boots, scarf, gloves and hat, lol.

Sunday was a glorious day, not weather wise but just in general, I made us omlettes for breakfast, we lazed around watching dvds, the grand prix and i managed to make all my christmas cards and a few altered chipboards for the advent market we are doing. Stu made us roast chicken and veg for supper, which was too yummy.

Yesterday was Happy Birthday Stu!! And I got him up bright and early to open his presents and have a coffee with me before I had to leave for work. I bought him some clothes, a pair of jeans, a lumberjack shirt, a jumper and a T-shirt and a case of beer and a wallet. You may say he has been thoroughly spolit and I have to agree! But there's more.......check back tomorrow for an update, lol!

Ooh and the most exciting news is we have booked flights for my mom, aunt and uncle and my sisters to come over for the wedding. I was doing a little search on Friday and found the cheepest ever flights so I confirmed with all that the timing etc was good and mom booked them on Saturday morning. SO OVERLY EXCITED!! Now I have to go in search of caravans/motor homes which we will park in our garden for our guests cause my house is so not big enough to accomodate 6 extra people for 2 weeks :o !!

Um....yes, in case you wondered Stu and I have no chance of jetting off on honeymoon straight after the wedding, but we will get away once they have all gone and we'll book into a hotel on our wedding night ;)

I wish i had a photo or LO to share but I am on my work pc. Thanks for looking and have a great day y'all

Sunday, October 01, 2006


have been together 8 years today! I can't believe it has been so long and I love him more and more with each day that passes. And in 6 month we will be married.........I will be marrying my best friend, my love and the most wonderful guy on earth.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Well today was not a good day work wise, cause um....I never actually made it in! Sitting minding my own business on the train when the driver announces that the train will be terminating at the next stop due to a huge power outage at Hornsey. There were no trains going from Alexander Palace into London stations. One clever guy decided to head back in the direction of home as there would be a few North bound trains that missed the power cut due to still pass us before all trains were stopped completely, but of course I sat waiting for things to be sorted so we could move on. Silly me!

Half an hour later I called Stu to come get me and take me back to my car so I could wait there for things to be cleared and make my way back down to London. Well things were never cleared, it turns out a tree had fallen onto the track bringing down the power cables. Goodness only knows if it will all be sorted by tomorrow but I have more chance getting in if I head of real early so this is what I plan to do, sigh.

I have yet to take pics of the stash I got last week, sorry girls, BUT these lush Rusty Pickle MERRY GRINCH-MAS papers fell into my basket on Tuesday while innocently browsing around A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE (link on the left ;) ), aren't they gorgeous?? And how about the ribbons! Loving the bobbly one sooooo much! Go look quick before they are all sold out! But be warned they WILL want to come to your house!

Have a good evening y'all.......

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The appointment with the florist went very well, thanks Debs! She is lovely and had so many great ideas. She also loved my idea for the table flowers so i'm well chuffed! As the wedding is in SPRING, we have a great choice of colours and I am going for a mix with the main colour being pink. My bouquet will be similar with the focus on one flower type and colour in the middle with the other flowers around the edge, and the flower girls will have the same but smaller.

lol, I am so glad I went in to see them early because she asked me so many questions that I didn't have the answers to, like do we want button holes, corsages, candelabras etc etc. And I haven't even thought about flowers for the church! So now I have some decisions and a final list to make, then I can go back and confirm exactly what I want.

My American crafts albums came yesterday and I have to say I LOVE THEM!! You can get so many page protectors in one and you can decorate them how you want. Will definatly be getting more of them!

All my orders from last week have now arrived, lucky me!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Here is my dare LO, it really is such an honour being asked to do be a SPESHAL girl for the week.

We had another fab weekend.......I decided to go down to london with Stu after all, and pick up Danni so she could spend the rest of the weekend with us, and we took her to Bar Meze for supper on Saturday night. Yesterday started with a trip to Sainsburys for our food shop and we came home and baked and prepared a roast dinner. I even managed to get some gardening done but alas no scrapping.

I have an appointment this afternoon with a florist re: the wedding flowers. I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head, but I know I will have to decide on something soon or else i'll still be thinking about it the week before the wedding.

I am going to work on the save-the-date 'invites' during the next few weeks so I can get them posted off. My thinking for this is very basic with just the message but I need to somehow tie it into the theme and the look of the real invites so I guess I need to decide on them some time soon too!

Oh it is all hard work!

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006

Dare I say it.....

it's very peaceful and quiet at work today! I have been surfing the net and playing games most of the morning and longing for 4pm when I can go home and start my weekend. Stu is wanting to go done to his heli shop in London, so I may stay home and scrap or maybe i'll drive down with him and fetch Danni on the way and have her stay with us for the night. Decisions, decisions!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

What a week

Phew, I am so glad tomorrow is Friday, it has been a long, hard, tiring week, and i've had enough!! What with difficult trainers and M&S failing to deliver half our order on Wednesday, I have been rushing about like a headless chicken. Next week thankfully is quiet and i'll have a chance to catch up with the house keeping at work and get the place back in order. It is difficult keeping the place in order when trainers move equipment around and don't tell you, so you think everything is in place and when it comes to running a class you realise half the stuff is missing. it doesn't help that you usually only find this out 5 minutes before a class is due to start or worse yet, half an hour into class!

Anyway it's the weekend soon and I plan to have another relaxing one.

This is me, ages 10 weeks *aaww* lol. I've used crate papers including a tag and frame and a BG rub paisley rub on. Another oldie LO :)

Today I ordered some chipboard American craft albums from ARTBASE , 8.5x11 size. A magazine from BOX ROOM BOOTY , some blossoms and cutsie little clipboards from SARAHS CARDS , some christmas stamps from MEMORY AVENUE and lastly, phew, some of these JIBBITS from LOOK AT MY CRAZY SHOES

And that's me broke again! Thank goodness it's payday tomorrow, lol.

TFL and have a great evening y'all

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ooh i've been a slack blogger again! Although not much has happened since I last posted.....or has it??

We had a lovely relaxed weekend, even though we managed to give the house a thorough clean top to bottom, and I did a wee bit of weeding in the garden. We took a drive around the villages to look at churches and I think we've settled on one (as a back up incase our church isn't open yet). I now need to call up and book it! On Friday night we went to a great Greek restaurant and had way to much good food and wine but it was lovely to go out. After dinner we sat in the square and watched the people (mostly very odd looking young people!) going out to the pubs and clubs. I am so glad I'm not in the dating game as it looks like hard work, lol.

Sunday brought with it visitors from SA (hence needing to clean the house!!) and as always it is good to see old friends again. We had a lovely afternoon sitting in the sun, we had a walk round to see the cows and had carrot cake that I had baked in the morning. Stu then lit the BBQ and we had rotiserie chicken, which was awesome!! The evenings are still warm enough for BBQs if you start a little earlier, as the sun is usually gone by 7.30pm.

An oldie LO today, love this photo taken by Stu in SA last December. We always visit the West Coast Ostrich farm when we're there, it's a great afternoon out. I've used, my favourite, Chatterbox papers.

And so onto the new week. It started off bad yesterday with our IT guys stuck on a train so he was running very late. This meant trying to source our internal people of which there are very few to help find projectors, mice and batteries. Things got worse when we realised the assistant trainer on one of our third pary courses is going to make our lives as difficult as possible this week! He is moaning about everything and complaining when there is no cause for complaint. Yesterday they said there wasn't enough food, when we had ordered plenty, on asking the delegates if there is enough they said 'OH YES' and then there was loads left over!! Today we have ordered about £20 more and I know they are going to complain again that there is too much, BUT lol, wait till tomorrow when I have uped the order even more, mwhahahahahahahaha, they want food, baby i'm giving them food!

Now that we have lost our catering department it is up to myself and my colleague to maintain the cyber cafe. Now it's not hard work but it can be time consuming. We also on occasion have client meetings and 3rd party courses (as above) and like I said they have food brought in. We have the task of setting the said lunches out and again it is time consuming and takes us away from the reception desk. Most of the tasks involving the lunches and cyber cafe are carried out by one person, not totally but I mean one at a time, such as unpacking it and putting it in the fridge, filling up the milk and juice jugs etc. The setting up of the lunches is usually done by both of us only because it's quicker and it means the food can stay in the fridge longer. And it's just my luck that one of the busiest weeks we have had all week and my colleague is on holiday! Bless her, she booked it months ago and we never knew we would have so many courses and meetings on and it's only day one of her being off and I am at the end of my fuse already!! Roll on the 3rd October!!

Oh well best I go make myself a cup of tea before I expire.

Have a great day and thanks for looking y'all!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I went to give Flo a tickle but must have spooked her cause she came out with claws blazing and ripped into me. This is what one side looks like but she got me all down the outside of my forearm too, it burns like buggery!! She now sitting at the door looking all forlorn cause i'm ignoring her, lol!!

And I think it's time for bed! night night.......

Fate or devine intervention??

Last week I tried to book our village hall for the wedding and was shot down, the lady who does the bookings wasn't happy cause I wanted it from Friday to Sunday, (to decorate and tidy up), she said she would think it over and get back to me :( I was so dissapointed as I had finally decided it was a great place to have the reception and I had so many decoration ideas surging through my mind.

Anyway this morning she called me back to say she has booked the hall for me from Friday to Sunday!! It is such a load of my mind and I can now I can start calling caterers, arrange flowers, and make a start on the invites.

Today would have been my Dads 59th birthday, do you think he had anything to do with the decision on the hall??

Happy Birthday Dad, I miss and love you! oh and thanks ;)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Phew, I have spent the best part of today sorting and tidying my scrap room. As you can see by the pic on dare #19 it was a mess and in need of a spritz, so I threw out a garbage bag full of trash, not sure how I collected so much rubbish but it was there. I have a pile of pizza boxes waist high to throw out too. Again i'm not sure why I kept them but they definitely need to go!!

It's amazing what you find when you tidy up.....i have a basket full of cool embellishments that I actually like and will use I had just forgotten about them in a draw under a load of crap, lol. I also found loads of stuff that I am sending to a fellow padders son who is very into scrapping and needs stash. Bless i'm sure he'll have loads of fun playing with the stuff.

I moved all my paper onto one shelf so I can now see exactly what/how much I have. And yes it's way too much so I gotta scrap loads before I can buy any more!!

So onto my shopping spree!! Yesterday I went to this gorgeous little store in Hitchin where they sell the most adorable country house stuff. I want my whole house decorated in stuff from this shop!! I bought some baskets for my scrap room, two to keep on the desk, one for all my tools, PC roller stamps, circle cutters, corner rounder, xyron machine etc. And one for my paints, I love using paint but I often forget I have it, lol.

One for embellishments so they are on display as apposed to tucked in a drawer where I don't see them.

And they have the most adorable little tin jugs painted pastel colours that i think will be perfect for the table flowers at the wedding, so I bought two so I can take them into the florist. I bought a couple of tin hearts strung with twine that I think will make interesting and very different wedding favours, to show mom to see what she thinks.

And this was my last purchase, that will be ideal for putting the sauces, cutlery and serviettes in when we have a BBQ. Just the other day I was saying to Stu that I wish we had something to keep everything on the table tidy and viola, I found it!! I LOVE THIS SHOP!!

I had such a good time wandering about Hitchin, it is the cutest town and I love the fact it has different shops to London high streets. There is a great jeweler that I have often been tempted to visit but thought it a bit snobbish, well yesterday I went in and *gasp* I bought myself a Links of London bracelet with charm *heart*. I have been admiring them from afar for SO long, but never bought one cause I though they were like £500, but they're not and it's just gorgeous!!

lol, and that's where my shopping spree ended, oh what a great day!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And here we are, the final two dares (although I still can't believe I missed two out!).

Dare #18, how hard can it keep up with the housework! I always seem to have a full washing basket, there is always dusting that needs doing, the carpets could do with a vacuum, and the bathroom is a state, lol.

and Dare #19, it's clean up my scrap room, just look at the state of it, no wonder I can't find anything!!

Tonday I had a little shopping stree but i'll tell you all about that tomorrow ;)

TFL y'all and have a great evening!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

While I was scanning my LOs at the weekend, I discovered I hadn't actually done two of the dares! I have however made notes on the dares seem to have come close to deciding what to base my LO on. Just not actually got around to doing them, lol. Anyway I will do them, but for now here are dares 12, 14, 16 and 17!

Dare #12 My hero. This had to be a LO about my Grumps, who was in fact not grumpy at all. He was quite possibly the most lovable, kind, generous soul that ever walked the earth!!

Dare #14, Serendipity, this LO is all about how when looking for one house we found another, even more suitable to our neads in beautiful surroundings!

Dare #16 my favourite, i chose to do a LO about my favourite colour, which as you can see is blue :)

and finally Dare #17, if I knew then what I know now.....I would have told you I love you every day. My first LO of my daddy! I have been meaning to do one for a long time, but the photos I have are not great and none really worthy of a full page LO. But this pic was great for a little LO and I feel good about having done it.

I have a day off tomorrow so will upload the final two dares and hopefully get a chance to do the two I missed out!!


Friday, September 08, 2006

Woo Hoo!!

I am a very smily girl today as I have been selected to be on the Scrapfairies design team!! Sam is a swetie so I am excited to work for her as well as the other girls on the team!! Here are my audition LOs........

Fly me to the moon! Stuart flying his baby heli! He still has the 'training wheels' on in this photo but has progressed so much this summer he no longer needs them. Used BG baby boy papers, I thought the rocket paper was quite fitting, lol.

and OHs neice, Sarah, playing in my garden. She has so much energy it is hard to keep up with her!! Loved these photos that were taken by Danni with my camera (Konica Minolta 7D) Wanted bright paper so Rob and Bob was perfect!!

TFL and Happy Friday!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

and another.....

Dare #11 Once upon a time....I never knew planning a wedding would be so hard. lol, it really is and i feel like all I ever do is write lists, make calls and then make decisions. But it will all be worth it on the day **heart**

i'm behind......

with my Speshal Dare uploading!! With one thing and another I haven't been able to blog for two days, but without further delay here are another two LOs......

Dare #9 I was there. I was there to say goodbye. 04/03/95. The day we turned my dads life support machines off. Had he built up the strength to live on his own, he would never have been able to do the things he did before, he was brain dead. Very emotional time for me at the moment, what with my wedding next year and September being his birthday month. I have however felt the need, at last, to get some feelings down on paper so the dares have been good for me.

Dare #10 If it wasn't for.......CRASH. This LO is about the scars I have on my right arm which are the result of a really bad car crash I had on my 24th birthday. I spent 2 weeks in hospital but I thank my lucky stars all I damaged was my arm! But never the less I hate my scars and if I didn't crash the car I wouldn't have them, lol! I will one day do a LO with photos but for now this is all I can manage.

I am having a scrapping weekend, cause Stu is away, can't wait but as always I will miss him :(


Monday, September 04, 2006

Only 2 LOs tonight cause I decided to be clever and glossy accent something on dare 9, so I removed it (it was only stuck down with temp herma) and now it's still wet so I can't put it back on my LO to photograph and obviously I can't scan it, lol. Oh well!!

Dare #7 was changes! What a change in me since last October.....

and Dare #8 I wish. I wished on every first star and every birthday candle for a bride doll!! I'm still waiting, lol...

My poor body is aching from helping Stus brother and SIL move house on Saturday, but boy was it good excercise, I felt muscles working in places I didn't even know exist.

I was at the docs today, I had a few things to talk to him about. The one was the yucky excema I have on my hands and feet, he's given me cream that I hope works cause it gets so itchy expecially in the warm weather and it seems to be hotting up again. The other thing is my weight!! He has me going in for blood tests to check a few things and has put me on medication which I will start tomorrow. I also need to start eating proper meals during the day so will buy some cereal on my way in to work for breakfast and then go out to buy some groceries to make a decent low cal lunch. If you have any ideas please let me know!! The third thing I had to sort out was this odd little lump on the back of my ankle. It's apparently achilies (sp?) tendonitis (sp) and he has recommended I wear heels for the next three months, so I guess I need to go out and buy some. I wear flats ALL the time and this apparently puts strain on the achilies tendon. Besides these things my BP is good and i am generally healthy.

So I hope you all had a good Monday and enjoy your week!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

3 more SPESHAL DARE layouts!!

Dare #4 was 10 THINGS.

Dare #5 was I WISH THEY TOLD ME.

Dare #6 was I NEVER.

If you've not yet done any dares YOU MUST. I have really enjoyed the challenge and scrapped so much about ME!

TFL y'all and have a good Sunday!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's taken a while but I have finally caught up with my SPESHAL DARES ! I am going to upload 3 LOs a day for the next 6 days so I have them on my blog and then I will keep up and upload them once a week.

I have decided to use the weekly word prompts to make an 8x8 BoM, taking a look at who I am and how I feel about things in my life NOW, and how I deal with things from my past and how I feel about things that have happened in my life, in my childhood. I'm not going to type out my journaling but if you strain your eyes you may be able to read it!

Dare #1 was I DREAM, and my dream right now is to be married and have a baby.
Dare #2 was THINGS THAT MAKE ME MAD, and two things that make me mad are IGNORANCE and SELFISHNESS.
and finally Dare #3 was PERFECT, so I chose to do a LO about how perfect{ly} happy I am!! (I have been asked to take this LO down till it is decided whether or not they want to publish it - It will be back ;) )

The lovely Anita has a very ill sister and is trying to raise some extra cash, to get her something very special, by offering a photo popping service! Have some photos you are dying to scrap but they are just too dull and uninteresting?? Then get on over to her blog and she'll pop them for you!!

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Cathy Zielskes new book Clean & Simple - THE SEQUEL. So much inspiaration hitting me smack on the nose and all i've done so far is page through it!! What I really love about Cathys scrapping is that she scraps emotions, something I do more and more these days too.

Events are cool and if it's a birthday, holiday, family get together etc etc then yes it needs to be scrapped as an event. But what if you just have a BBQ at home with friends, and you happen to have the camera out and get a great shot of a friend, neice, loved one.........the day in itself isn't an event or something you want to do a page about but the photo is cool and when you look at it you think about how much you love the person, how cute they are or highlights their personality! Like this LO of Jessica, it sums her up, who she is and how she is all the time, lol!

I know i've posted the LO before, but i'm just using it to make my point, hee hee.

Happy day y'all!! Oh and Debbie, inspiration hasn't hit yet!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

(I have been asked to take this out till a decision is made whether or not they want to publish this LO - It will be back ;) ) Here is the last of my completed LOs from the weekend. 'My love!' Very palin LO inspired by the Living TV logo. I have used the alpha stickers from the BG Gypsy range, BG rub ons and the edges are inked in white although this is not too clear from the scan :)

Work today is not bad although it is SO quiet and boring. I did bring my little brown paper bag holiday journal in with me to write up but i've not done any writing yet! Going to have a cup of Green Tea with Jasmine (it's really good), in the hope inspiration hits.

Till tomorrow, I bid you farewell.......

Monday, August 28, 2006

loving this new Gypsy BG paper!! So much you can do with it and such funky colours!! Here is another LO using a pic from Edinburgh Zoo...

I have also used some Prima flowers, ribbon, chatterbox rivets, MM metal letters and the note paper stamp from the leave memories stamps I got from Box room booty last week. 'HIPPOS' are lil davis chipboard alphas (except the s which is hand cut!) painted with MM acrylic paint, honeydew, and glossy accented to give it the shine. The patterned paper cut in a circle with an arrow on the end idea came from a LO I saw on Suzannes blog called @ the edge.

We have had people around for a BBQ today and despite the few downpours of rain, it has been a lovely day.......,

Back to work tomorrow :(

Saturday, August 26, 2006

ooh today I am going to show you all the delights that have landed on my lap this week!!

Firstly I went in search of some winter boots and I found these beauties from Love those shoes, and yes I love the colour. They are just fab on and open up all the way down so easy to pull on and it doesn't matter how big/small your calves are they will still lace up! Of course they are completely fur lined to keep my toes warm and have a negative heal so good for ones posture :)

The new Chatterbox rooms have reached our shores and I had to have them all :O check them out at Artbase , ordered Wednesday, they arrived Friday- is that a record??..... and while I was shopping I had to have these 'Wanted' Cosmo Cricket papers from Box Room Booty, I also bought a few ribbon to match the papers and the fundamentals rubber stamps by Leave memories. If you've not yet got these, go now and bye them cause they are so COOL!!

And please go over to a string of beads to see the amazing pieces of jewelery that Jaq makes. I bought myself a necklace, which is absolutely FAB! Thanks Jaq, great service!

And onto a LO I did last night, using a pic taken at Edinburgh zoo of a red panda. They were up high in the trees but I managed to get this cute pic of her as she was yawning, hence the little tongue sticking out, lol! Red pandas are one of my favourite animals, and are so cute and almost look like they have painted faces. The new BG gypsy papers worked well with the orangey sheen to her fur(due to the sun shining right on her) and the leaves which came out bright green.

Happy bank holiday and what ever you are up to please be safe!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Oh my goodness.......

I totally forgot to add that...... you know the summer CC comp on the Pad, the LOs I have posted below.......WELL I WON!! WOO HOO! So excited cause I really loved doing the LOs and I managed to scrap some pics that I was battling to scrap! My prize is a £30 voucher from A trip down memory lane (link on the right) which I am in the process of spending!!

Bad blogger and other stuff

Ooh I didn't realise I hadn't updated my blog for so long, for this I apologise!! Um so where to start.....well the rest of the week before last wasn't too bad, and work for a change was quite busy with room hires and of course not having the onsite kitchen means we have a bit more to do with keeping the milk jug and coffee topped up.

Thursday was the end of my week as we were off for a long weekend in Scotland. We left just after the rush hour on Friday and took a slow leisurly drive up to Durham, where we were breaking our journey and having dinner with Stuart, Debbie and the was so lovely to see and spend time with them socially rather than scrapping or rc heli-ing, lol.

After breakfast on Saturday we set off again and took the scenic route up to Scotland, this took a bit longer than expected but we got there in the end, lol. Our guest house was lovely and our room luxurious even though the bathroom was the size of a closet! After dumping the bags we headed off to Maureen and Lon for lunch. It was lovely to meet them and I couldn't get over how similar Maureen and Stus dad are. Yes I know they are brother and sister but even their mannerisms are the same! And they haven't been around each other in 50 years!!

We spent the first evening in the city walking around the street performers of the festival and taking in the Edinburgh atmosphere and supper from our favourite chippy was a must!!

Sunday was spent driving around the west coast after a stop at the Falkirk Wheel. The wheel was impresive and I managed to get some great photos. The west coast isn't as pretty as the east but it was lovely to see the country side.

To find a place for supper on Sunday night we walked along George street, and then about 5 times up and down Rose street. Neither of us wanted to decide where or what to eat until enventually I couldn't handle it anymore and chose The Mussle Inn. I'm not a huge fan of fish but I do like shell food so it was a good choice! We had a bowl of mussles to start and then for mains Stu had a seafood platter and I had the goats cheese starter and a salad.

After dinner we found ourselves in Flannigans Wake (or something like that) where we enjoyed a few (too many in someones case, lol) after dinner drinks. It was a great night as they had live music and the place was rocking!!

Monday was a good day! We spent it at Edinburgh Zoo, lol. Stus cousin is the head of the bird department so we went in search of him and then had a few personal guided tours throughout the day. It is a great zoo and the best part was seeing the little lion cubs that had been born in the zoo not long ago! So cute!!

Monday night we met up with Jaffers and went to dinner at a gorgeous little Moroccan place! So lush, the food was delicious and decor devine! After taking our leave of Jen at her bus stop I got a bad attack of hayfever so we didn't stay out much longer.

Tuesday and it was time to go pack up and start making our way home :( After yet another scrumptious breakfast we packed the car and headed into town for a little shopping......i had seen a little hand bag I just HAD to have, Stu wanted some Whisky, and we also had to look in at Hector Russell the kilt makers to see if they had the tartan for Stus kilt, which they do!!

Once we were all shopped out we climbed into the landie and made our way to Maureen and Lon for a coffee and to say bye, then we were on the road again...

It was a long trip down but we took the scenic route so we saw the Yorkshire Dales, which were beautiful and lots of sheep ;)

Ordered pizza from the car when we were 15 mins from home so at least we didn't have to wait too long for dinner, lol.

It was good to be back in our own bed but just not good having to come back to work the next day. Work has been okay cause we have had loads of 3rd party courses on but still not good enough to feel secure in our jobs :(

Not much else to report other than wedding plans are finally taking shape, and we shouldn't have a mad rush right before the big day. I do feel a bit wierd getting married though, it seems such a huge step to make and even though I am very sure about it, I still feel a bit nervous. I know Stu is very nervous so I am doing my best to keep all chat light and breezy, lol.

Will update with some pics of the zoo when inspiration hits!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Last week was Round 4

of the pad/speshal comp and it's also now finished. I have remembered some great times through the weekly prompts and have got some LOs done that I wasn't sure how to scrap, so it's been fab! Again there where to categories, the first a LO based on one of the following movies, THE LOST BOYS or PRETTY IN PINK. Now I love both these movies but none of the quotes seemed to work with any photos I could think of, BUT they did get me thinking about the time of my life when the movies came out. And also about how the movies influenced my life, like my MASSIVE crush on Keifer Sutherland that started with THE LOST BOYS, lol. So I jogged my memory to think of movies I love and that I could watch over and over again and ones that had some meaning to me and changed the way I look at life, relationships and the world. Of course some are just fun but I love them all the same. Pretty plain LO, using lil davis chipboard letters, some heidi grace rub ons and my handwritting. I have also since scanning the LO thought of and added a few more ;)
The second part of the challenge was to do a LO inspired by the DURAN DURAN album titled DURAN DURAN.....I battled a littl ewith this one, but during our BBQ yesterday I managed to get this photo of Stuart and Jessica who was munching on a carrot she had just picked from Stuarts veggie patch. The song title I used was SIN OF THE CITY, and my thinking is the city is bad and the country is good, lol! Bit of a stretched interpreation! :D

I am off to register with the docs today, thanks Suzanne for your concern, you are so right I do need to be registered just in case of an emergency! But funnily enough I am feeling SO much better!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

oh banner beautiful banner

the very tallented and lovely Anam made me this gorgeous banner, thanks hun, I LOVE IT! You're a gem and you'll need to start stalking your postie at the end of next week! MWAH!

And a huge thanks to Clares banner instructions without which I would never have got it up there, lol! Thanks hun!

Not well :(

oh I feel so crap, haha, excuse the pun but I have a dicky tum (and I am a poet too), and have had it for 3 weeks. Is this okay?? I am sure it should to have stopped by now. TMI? Sorry, lol!

Okay so now i'm a little worried and think I really should go to the doctors, BUT I am not registered at a doctor. So I have to take time off work to go in and fill out a form to register, then wait 24 hours before calling for an appointment. So basically if I go tonight to fill in the form (they close at 6.30pm) the earliest I will see a doctor is next Tuesday (they close at 1pm on a Friday). I am having my hair cut tonight, well I have an appointment, which I think I have to cancel!, in order to get registered.

I did have two days off a few weeks ago, but the last thing on my mind was registering at the doctors!

Oh and today I feel Nauseous too :(

Monday, July 31, 2006

The saga of Josh and his hunting continued into Saturday night and I managed to save another tiny baby rabbit from his evil clutches. To be honest I have no problem with them hunting or killing, but it's the torture and playing with the animal first that I don't like :( And I know by rescuing the creature I have only let it live to grow and eat our veggies, ho hum........

So round three of the pad summer CC comp and the themes this week where again FAB! The first was to do a LO inspired by the title or a line from either Dirty Dancing or Flashdance. I used the quote 'When you give up your dream, you die' from Flashdance, and the LO is titled 'I WANT TO LOVE YOU 4EVER'. The sentiment behind the LO is about my longing to get married and have a baby and wanting to be with Stu. Giving up on my dream to have them both would have resulted in me loosing out on one of them, something that I never wanted to happen. Luckily our love is too strong!
The second LO needed to come from Michael Jacksons THRILLER album, again using a song title or a line from the song. My LO is titled PRETTY SASSY GAL and comes from the song title PRETTY YOUNG THING (not 100% sure about the title but it's only stuck on with temp herma so I can change it later if I want). Photos are of Danni taken back in 2002.

Only 109 days till ScrapManic! So excited and can't wait to hear what the classes will be and who is teaching. And of course seeing the 'gutter girls', my 'lovely room' pals and the girls who are coming from the Pad! It promises, again, to be a FABO weekend.

I said to check back for the mini album I was making over the weekend......I made the album but didn't get all the pages done so will try do it during the week and let you all see.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Josh the hunter

Josh has been at it again! Last night he brought a baby rabbit into the house, I chased him out and in the process the rabbit got away. This morning I heard a noice downstairs and knew it was him with the rabbit! I chased him out and again the rabbit got away. Mid morning I was outside photographing butterflies when I heard the squealing and rushed to lock the cat flap and close the door.

He spent ages, at least an hour, chasing the rabbit around the garden, both of them were exhausted. The rabbit didn't have the strength to escape and Josh didn't have the strenght to kill it.

But finally the clever little thing managed to get under the line of trees and across the road onto the field. I followed him over and began chasing it to the other side and into the bushes. He was so tired that I managed to get quite close to take photos! You can see he's a bit dishevelled from his attacks....

Half way across the field the poor thing was just too exhausted to go on and came and lay down next to my foot. I had the zoom lens on the camera so had to use the macro setting to get this shot, lol.

I put the camera down and carried him across to the bushes. I hope he doesn't get killed by the other rabbits cause I have touched him :( and I hope the exhaustion doesn't kill him.

And that is quite enough excitment for one day, i'm back to scrapping!