Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Twittery Tuesday

Well the rest of my weekend was great! Sunday I popped out to Sainsburys to do a bit of shopping, needed a few essentials like bread and coffee, lol. Then I had a lovely chat to mom about Christmas and what our plans are for the week she is here. I also got her to do the shopping lists for what we need for Christmas and new year.

I then spent the rest of the day scrapping, and chatting!

Last night Mike and Chantal came to stay as Mike had an interview in Luton this morning, actually he's probably still there now! I hope it all goes well for him, cause then they will move up closer to us which will be great!

Today i'm not feeling great have a dicky tummy, and feel nauseus (sp). Will go home when Tracy comes in :(

Still have tons to do at home, but thankfully I got the bathroom and kitchen cleaned and scrubbed last night. And all the muddy paw prints that adorn every surface of the house.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saturday night

What a lovely weekend i'm having!

Got home last night feeling exhausted and not inspired to do much after feeling so inspired all day, grrrrr! Anyway I sat at the pc and chatted to Kerry and the girls on UKS and SP. I also placed a little order at scrapbook central, well not so little but all essentials.

Then at about 10pm my inspiration to actually do something came back and I made a start on Tracys christmas present. I decided to make her an altered lunch tin - Tracys dinner party planner - for themes and ideas for all the dinner parties she is going to throw in the new year!! It's lovely, even if I do say so myself and if her name wasn't on it, i'd be keeping it, lol.

Finally got into bed at about 12, and fell asleep instantly. I did however set the alarm before going to bed which i'm happy about cause I know I would have had a long lie in and wasted half my day. So when the alarm went off at 8 I got up made some tea and got started on the inserts for the lunch tin. It was such a clear, beautiful day that at 10am I went out for a walk with the camera, got some great shots of the farm barn and also the church. Obviously when I got home I had to make a start on the barn LO and of course once I started I had to finish, used my Daisy D's french market papers. Am really happy with the way it's turned out and the papers are so lush!!

I have printed pics of the church but as yet am not sure what papers to use so i'll hold out for a bit on that one. But in my search for papers for the church pics I came upon some Wild Asparagus papers that are perfect for some photos I have of me. I am wearing a M&S top that has a pattern on it and the pattern is amost identical to the paper! So chuffed!! The colours are way off so I printed the pics Sepia and I can't believe how well it goes. Will make a start on that LO in a bit.

In between all my scrapping I managed to sort my albums which had got into a muddle, so most LOs are back in their correct album and I seperated my chatterbox papers into rooms which makes it so much easier when looking for papers. Just scary to discover how much I have and there are three full sets on their way from the US too, yikes!!

Right i'm off to scrap....

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I'm getting there

Phew, I managed to build my desk last night, except I couldn't get the screw driver bit to stay in the drill so had to screw it together by hand!! I now have a very sore, blistered hand, but the desk looks great in it's new spot and once I get all my stuff packed away the room is going to be lovely!!

I had two mice in the house this morning, 1 was still very much alive and being terrorised by Josh so he got chased outside, the other was headless and lying in the bathroom :o YUCK!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

a busy night

So last night Ben came around and helped me move the futon, after a bit of thought I decided to move it in the second bedroom, not sure it's ideal but I also don't want it to get ruined in the garage. Now I have a big empty space in the office, plan to build the desk tonight and start moving my scrapping stuff and hopefully get myself set up properly.

My very exciting news is that I spoke to Lynn last night and oh it was so good to hear her voice again. We had a good giggle about the shenanigans we got up to back in the day and it was like we spoke only yesterday. I got the run down on the family and where they are all are, and how many have had babies. Garry has three :o an eighteen month old girl and 4 month old twin boys. Can't belive Garry is a dad!!

We are hoping to meet up in Edinburgh for my birthday which will just be so cool!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I am so close

to finding my very special friend Lynn, who I lost contact with about 5 years ago and it's all thanks to the pushing and pestering of my lovely friend Clive who managed to find me after 10 years no contact!!

I had a long chat to her Aunt Cathy who we both lived with back in '95 and she has given me their home number so tonight I can give her a call and we can have a good old bleather about the old days and catch up on all the news.

Ooh so excited!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

the plan is in motion

so I have to get this office/scrap room sorted as I said earlier, and have spoken to Ben (McDonnell plumbings apprentice) and he is coming round tomorrow night to help me move the futon down to the garage. Then I will have to build the desk, yikes, and then it's the big tidy up, bigger yikes!!

but at least something is happening and the office will be all tidy and organised for Stus return!

Counting the sleeps

okay so anyone who knows me knows I do the sleep count thing leading up to any occasion and right now I have a few counts going on.....

10 Sleeps till mom arrives for Christmas
14 sleeps till Christmas
18 sleeps till Stu gets home from SA
and.... 34 sleeps till my birthday!!

I have had a few projects on and thankfully I have finished the last one and have it here today to post. Then I have a load of cjs here that I really must get done, feeling very bad about hanging onto them for so long but I just don't have the inspiration for them right now :( Not sure what to do??

And I guess I need to get on with my Christmas present making, only doing a couple but I haven't made a start yet, YIKES.

My plans for this week are to...
1. Get the futon moved out of the 'office/scraproom' into the garage so I can
2. build the other desk and
3. move myself to the new desk and
4. maybe get all my scrapping stuff unpacked (yes there is still stuff to unpack following the move) and then
5. pull out all the stuff I have no intention of using and get it sold off.

I hope to get some scrapping done in the middle of all this, lol, yeah right. I think I may land up scrapping loads and not doing any of the above.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


I have been tagged by the lovely Amber-Jane!

2 - names you go by - Caz and Doll (yes by OH)

2-parts of your heritage - Greek and Scottish (yeah I know, it's a strange mix, lol)

2- of your everyday essentials - a good book and lots of kisses

2- favourite bands or musical artists - Seether and U2

2- Favourite songs - Driven Under and Sunday bloody Sunday

2- Things you want in a relationship ( other than real love) - communication and fun

2 - Physical things that appeal to you in the opposite sex - muscley arms and strong hands

2- of your favourite hobbies - scrapbooking (what else) and taking photos

2 - things you want really badly - to be happy and carefree!

2- place you want to go on vacation - Las Vegas and New York

2 - things to do before I die - Drive through Africa in a Land Rover and learn to sail

2 - ways you are a stereotypical chick !! I Love PINK and handbags!

2- things you are thinking about now - The snow that we're meant to be getting tonight, yippeeee and Christmas

2- stores you shop at - ScrapMagic and Sainsburys

2 - things that scare you - anything happening to someone in my family and snakes

2 - people you would like to see take this quiz - Jo (Rudishoes) and Lou (Scoobielou)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Taking a break!

Yesterday I decided that I would take a break from UKS for a while till things calm down and I can reaccess my position on the boards. After some shenanigans on Sunday night, that i missed, some of my good friends on the site have been banned for a week. I cannot defend or condem there behaviour as I wasn't there but I have to say I do not like the atmosphere on the site and I find a certain member very emotionally draining.

I know we all have our ups and downs and we all need a hug every now and again but I cannot be dealing with it from the same person everyday all day! I also feel she needs professional help and wish people would stop thinking their advice is any good cause it's not!!

I feel bad for my newbies, but they have my email addresses so can contact me if they need anything. I will return next week and keep running the newbie cjs but I think that will be where my involvement in UKS ends.....

All Change

Again is been ages since I've updated my blog!

The weekend was good, Danni came to stay and we went out on Saturday morning to take photos of a very frosty villiage. We managed to get some awsome pictures so I have lots to scrap! I then set up a make shift studio in the dining room and took a load of photos of Danni, they came out so beautiful, she really is very photogenic.

Saturday night Stu took us out for dinner to a greek restaurant we often pass on the road to Codicott. It was very nice but not quite a greek restaurant like I know one to be.

It was bitterly cold so we didn't stay too long and missed the entertainment, belly dancers, much to Stus dissapointment, lol.

Sunday was a shopping day and we went to halfords for de-icer and anti freeze, and pc world to try find something to fix the problem with Stus sound card, but alas found nothing. A quick stop at Argos for an electric blanket, then pizza hut for lunch, we were all starving by this time.

And all too soon it was time to take Danni to the station and get back into work mode :(

Thursday, November 10, 2005

it's been a funny ole week

I got an email from Kerry on Monday telling me someone was looking for me, here is his email address if you want to catch up. Well how could not email, curiousity did after all kill the cat!

Imagine my surprise when it turns out i've been tracked down by people I hung out with 10 years ago and thought I would never see again, I have after all been out of Durban for 9 years!! It's been so good to chat and catch up and I hope I manage to get to Durban soon for a visit!

Other than my new friends, nothing much has been happening in my life, work is quiet and boring, I'm still loving the country and my cats haven't left me gifts for two days!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Moody Monday

Oh I really don't like Mondays!! It's always such a come down from the weekend and I had such a lovely weekend it made matters worse.

Friday night was an early one cause I was so tired from a few late nights, but the down side or maybe it's a good thing, is we were up bright and early on Saturday morning and made the most of the day. Stu took me to a craft fair at a garden centre in Welwyn. I bought a scarf and crumbles for the cats. Then we drove into Hitchin to have a look around the shops and I bought Stu and I some new trainers from Millets. I wanted to buy a cat bowl set I had seen in one of the charity shops but it was gone, boo hoo. We stopped at pc world for a router and went home to install it.

Sat night we went to a firework party at friends. Stu bought some awesome rockets so he had a great time letting then off!! It started to get very cold at the end of the evening I think because there was no cloud cover.

Sunday was raining and miserabel so we had a lie in and then headed over to Sainsburys to do some grocery shopping. We had breakfast in the restaurant there cause we were starving!! Then back to PC world for a 2mb usb port. And the afternoon was spent relaxing and scrapping.

Last night we had a roast dinner which was YUMMY!!

Stu phoned BT world to find out about broadband and ended up applying so we should have it connected by Friday. Woo Hoo.

My kitties cuddled on the couch together last night the first time ever, normally Flo is not interested in being anywhere near Josh. When I got up to get the camera Flo follwed me os I didn't even get a picture to commemorate the occasion, lol.

This morning I found out Flo Flo is the hunter, and the one that keeps bringing mice into the house, not poor Josh who has taken the blame for the past few weeks!

Friday, November 04, 2005

It's the weekend!!

Woo Hoo!! Well I have to say this week has flown by, which is possibly because we have been busy at work. Maybe I need to find myself more to do at work then the working day will go faster!

Well last night the funniest thing happened, Stu, John and I were sitting upstairs in the office when we heard alot of noise in the kitchen. Stu went off to investigate and next thing is shouting up to me to come and see. Well my first thought was that Josh had caught a rabbit and was trying to get it through the cat flap, that's kinda what the sound was as I was walking down the stairs. Imagine my surprise when I looked into the kitchen to see a unknown black cat sitting by the cat flap, well he wasn't exactly sitting he was trying to get out. For some unknown reason the cat flap had locked itself, possibly the cats tummy moved the lock as he came in.
Next thing he was through our legs and up the stairs. After a bit of searching and then coaxing he finally followed me downstairs, but then made for the bathroom and into the bath, which is behind the door!
I opened up the kitchen door, closed all the other doors downstairs, had Stu guarding the stairs, and made sure I gave him plenty room to escape and then (and luckily it was me doing this) gave it a tiny squirt with the water spray. Out the bath and out the kitchen door he ran, turning back once to see if he was being followed!
Flo and Josh had taken refuge behind the sofa while all this was going on, when they really should have been protecting their home!!

Not sure if he'll come back, hopefully the water did the trick. I would never encourage him to stay around as i'd hate someone to do that with my two.

Anyway, the weekend is upon us and again I think we have a busy one. Saturday we need to go get a few things, I would like a tea tray for use with my new teapot! and I also want a sugar bowl in the same range. While i'm there I may look for a gravy boat too cause eventually I would like to build up the whole set, perhaps mum can get me some for Christmas. It's the
Joanne Hudson Toast and Marmalade range, just love it!!
I also saw a really cute kitty bowl set in a charity shop, it had a food bowl, water bowl and a jar that I guess I could put their treats in. Josh needs a new food bowl, one with 90 degree sides so he can't showel the food over the edge and they also need a new water bowl cause I'm not very happy with the last one I bought. I think it may be better for the crumbles than water.
I also want to look at diningroom tables I need to sit at a table and eat, really not enjoying sitting in front of the tv, it's fine for Friday take away night but not every night.
And the last thing on my list for this weekends shopping are some storage boxes for photos, perhaps those faux leather ones that homebase do.

Saturday night is fireworks and a braai (thats bbq for all the non SAfricans reading this).

Sunday nothing planned yet, perhaps some scrapping and maybe i'll even manage to get some pics uploaded of my scrapping room!!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Back to reality

So after feeling so awful last Wednesday I took Thursday off to ensure I was in top health for ScrapManic IV . But before I go there Thursday was spent relaxing and getting my stuff sorted and packed for the weekend, I have concluded that I have far too much stash and I really need to put some stuff on the marketplace at UKScrappers .

So Friday I was up bright and early, finished off packing my clothes, putting the finishing touches to Sally manic scrappers CJ, and packing the car. A quick kiss for the kitties and I was on the road.
I have to admit I was very nervous about the drive down, from junction 6 of the A1 (15 mins form home) I was in unchartered territory! But I headed out with as much confidence as I could muster and surprised myself by only making one silly mistake which took 20 mins to rectify. So all in all I was very pleased with my efforts.
It was a thrill to see the house looming in front of me as I drove up the hill and immidiatly I had butterflies in my tummy, I had arrived WOO HOO!! Unfortunatly I was early and the Friday delegates were still there but I managed to check into my room so I had a hot chocolate and a lazy hour watching tv and snoozing.
When I came out to investigate there were a few people there so we sat in the breakfast room and had a chat, waiting on more to arrive. Once people started coming in we moved into the lounge which was far more comfortable and the bowl of maltesers was full, so that was a bonus. At this point I kind of lost track of the time. Debbie arrived and set up the crop rooms and class rooms and Tim and the boys began unpacking the truck and setting up the shop. Once we found our seats it was time to set up our crop area and unpack the stash! Then down the pub for something to eat, well a girl can't scrap on an empty stomach!!
We stayed up till three scrapping and I managed to get a LO done and have my photo session with Cheryl, and WOW she did a fab job! Feel Good Photos well worth it!!
Wasn't very happy when my alarm went off on Saturday morning, I could very easily have rolled over and had a long lie in but I also didn't want to waste any of my precious scrapping time.
Did two classes on the Saturday, loved them both! Ali and Cheryl are both fab teachers, both full of energy and very enthusiastic. I also managed a few LOs and even had time to eat, lol. Just before the afternoon class the manic scrappers got together to hand back our cjs and WOW I just loved mine! Everyone did such lovely entries and I am honoured to be a Manic Scrapper
Stayed up far too late again, but was having such a laugh it was well worth it. We called our crop room the 'lovely room' as everyone in there WAS just so lovely and oh how we laughed. It was an added bonus that we had a source of entertainment, but I shant go into that now, hehehe.
Tm and Cherry were just fantastic in the shop and they were both available for our every shopping whim. There was so much yummy new stuff I could hardly resist.
Saturday night was another late one with lots of challenges set by Debbie and Al.
Sunday morning I battled to get out of bed, again! A lovely hot breakfast was a must to boost the energy levels and into the first class which again was with Cheryl. Bit dissapointed as I never managed to get my photos sorted for this one and there was nothing I could do without the photos. So I was assistant to Zenia for the session, cutting, inking and glueing, what a laugh!
Managed a bit more after lunch but unfortunatly by the end of the day I was just getting too tired so I decided to pack up and make my way home. It was so sad saying goodbye, at least we have UKS to chat and stay in touch.
The drive home was good, I had to take the M25 as the north circular was closed so besides being a bit anxious to start I did fine!
Home sweet home and my darling kitties and Stu. I loved the weekend and can't wait till next year

Testing testing 1,2,3

My Gallery

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wobbly Wednesday

Well after two days at home not feeling great i'm back at work and feeling worse! Really wish I had stayed at home again. But I have Friday off as holiday so felt a bit guilty being ill all week and then going away this weekend.

So at last it's ScrapManic weekend away and I am so so excited. I will be driving down on Friday myself, which I am a little nervous about, and I can't wait to catch up with everyone and of course getting my manic scrappers cj back. This has been one of the best cj groups I have been in and feel honoured to have been in such a talented circle.

I was due to have my flu jab on Friday afternoon but when I got there they had run out so I'm not sure when i'll have a chance to get back down to Mortlake, and i'm sure I feel so yuck cause I am coming down with something.

We had Danni to stay this weekend and it was so lovely to be able to show her the new house and of course the cows and bunnies. We got some great photos, well I hope they are great will have to see when they come back from the shop. I also had a play with my camera and am slowly getting to learn how it all works, at last! I took some pictures of flowers outside so should print them to see how they come out. Must get my picturemate plugged in.

Collected the Macs from the airport on Sunday night and got stuck in horrific traffic so it took us three hours to get home, plus they were delayed 2 hours due to plane overbooking and had to get a flight to Gatwick. Stopped in Hitchin for a bite to eat then home to crash. Mary got a call at 2.30 in the morning to say Geoff had had a heart attack so she was a bit stressed until she managed to get through to the hospital to find out how he was. Luckily he had the heart attack in the hospital so he will be fine but him and Mark have got to look after themselves cause they have bad heart genes so really can't take any chances!!

I am having a problem with the cats, well more Josh, and their litter tray which I took away. They are going to wee outside but the poos are happening in the place the litter tray was, so on the bathroom floor!! Luckily it's not carpet but still it's freaking me out! I need to catch him about to do it and take him outside. Oh the joy!! lol

Right must go get some lunch, me tummy is growling!

Friday, October 21, 2005

Hey hey it's Friday

Good morning campers!!

So it's the weekend and we have a busy one, this afternoon I am taking my old journey down South to go to the docs for my flu jab, meeting Stu there cause he is seeing the doc for a bp check. We are meeting Danni in the Ship at 5 and will probably have a little catch up and drink with the boys.
Tomorrow we are shopping for the desks and unpacking the rest of the boxes. Sunday will be a day of rest and picture taking before we head back down to london to take Danni home and collect the Macs from the airport. Then we have dinner at the pub with the family.

As I type this Mick and Danni are at the airport, Micks flight is at 12 and I'm feeling very very sad for my chicken. I hope this trip will be good for Mick and will add to his job experience but I know it is going to be very tough on Danni.

Flo and Josh seem to be settling in nicely to their new surroundings and have been out and about exploring. I bought Josh a new colar cause I think someone was feeding him obviously thinking he was homeless, hence him getting sick the other night. I now just need to get their tags written up and attached to the colars.

Still haven't managed to get my new camera working, boo hoo, I must see if I can find a forum to give me tips and hints on how to work it.

I spoke to Vanessa last night and caught up with the news from home. Nina is starting her std 8 exams next month and is a bit nervous but i'm sure she will be fine. She wants to go to the army and learn to fly so I think she may be headed for the airforce, it's funny but that is what I wanted to do too. Although I think my feelings were kicked off by watching Top Gun!
Chloe is finishing primary school this year, which makes me feel very very old. She is busy with all her dancing exams at the moment, tap and hip hop have been done, she got a distiction in tap and the hip hop results are due today. Ballet and modern exams are in the next few weeks. I think she's headed for the stage!! (For those reading my blog Vanessa is my other mother, and Nina and Chloe are my sisters)

I must call them back this weekend as the girls were in bed when I called. I must also call mum cause it's been a while since we had a chat.

Right I must get on with my day cause it's an early finish for me today!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

new camera

So I got my new camera home, put in the card, put the battery on to charge, attached the strap and then packed it away till last night when the battery was ready. Got it out ot have a play and I have NO idea how to work it, sat reading the book but cannot figure out how to change the shutterspead etc, so my photos are awful! Not a good start but I know once I get the setting right it'll work beautifully!!

face lift

I've had a little face lift as the colours of the last template wern't doing anyhting for me, now I just need to figure out how to add links etc!

nearly the weekend

Yeah it's almost here, can't wait to enjoy some more country living!!

So the bed and wardrobe arrived yesterday. The bed is lovely and last night i made it ready for Danni's visit this weekend. We also have the Mac coming to stay on Sunday night as they pass through on their way back from Spain and Portugal. The new mattress that is on our bed is lovely, I just hope it makes my back feel better as it is so sore right now!! The wardrobe is sitting in the garage as Stu needs to make shelves for it still, hopefully we'll have it done by the weekend.

On Saturday we are going to buy the desks for the 'office', so I hope to have all my scrapping stuff unpacked soon too. Then I have to pack for ScrapManic which is next weekend. I am so looking forward to it, I just loved last years.

I had a nightmare journey this morning, the train was delayed due to signal problems, then my train broke down, aarrghh!! But hey I live in the country so one bad journey in 14 is nothing!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

new deliveries

Last night my poor little Josh was sick, no idea where all the 'stuff' came from as he hardly had any of his dinner. I am worried that somone else is feeding him so I must get him a colar so he doesn't look like he's homeless!

Can't wait to get home and have a play with my new camera, it's just so lovely.

Today Stuart went to collect our new bed, the actual bed is going into the spare room but the new mattress is for our bed and our mattess is going on the spare bed. Really looking forward to going to sleep tonight! He also collected the new wardrobe so I must sand it down and give it a coat of stain so it matches the bed.

Work is a bit tiring at the moment so i'm quite bored! Not good really, I need something that inspires and challenges me.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

link didn't work

Show me the blog

Sorry my link didn't work, it's the Konica Minolta 7D and it's lovely!

Two days in a row!!

A bit tired today cause I went to bed too late!

After an unsuccessful desk buying weekend we have been going through the argos book and I have found some nice desks that will all fit together and give us one for the pc, corner unit, one for me, down the RHS and one for Stu down the LHS. I will also be able to leave my drawer unit on the RHS of me for easy access and my paper trays will fit on top of the unit so all sorted, now I just need to go buy them!

The new bed for the spare room is arriving tomorrow and hopefully Stu will also manage to get the wardrobey thing too so I can sand it down and give it a stain to match the bed and sidetables.

Danni is coming to stay for the weekend so i'll have some help setting up my scrapping area. And we're going to go out and take photos too!

OH and, and, and (can you tell i'm excited) I am getting a new camera!! Woo Hoo it's [URL=http://www.cameraking.co.uk/ViewProdDetails.asp?prod_code=211&Prod_name=Konica%20Minolta%20%20Dynax%20%207D%20Digital%20SLR%20Body%20Only&CAT_CODE=6&categoryname=Digital%20%20SLR%20&%20Kits&subcat_code=283]this one[/URL] ! It's so luch and my lenses for my film SLR will fit it too!

Monday, October 17, 2005

So much has happened

Okay so I have to admit I am hopeless at keeping this up to date, and it's pointless saying I will from now on cause I know what will happen...lol. So now for the news....

We have moved! Yes since I last posted and said we were house hunting we have found somewhere and have been there since Saturday the 8th October..... There were a few hair raising moments but I refer to the following extracts to bring you up to spead...

Extract from ukscrappers.co.uk 6/10/2005
The move is turning into a little nightmare!! When I called last night to confirm moving in on the 7th they said our references hadn't come through and we couldn't The people I needed to speak to had gone home so I had to call back this morning. When I called the lady said because I hadn't asked to move in on the 7th she hadn't chased the reference company. I said I had sent two letters confirming the 7th as our moving in date, then we were cut off (I was on the underground at the time)

When I got to work I called her back and she said everything was sorted and the references had all come through (admition to guilt ?) and we were cleared to move in but the inventory man could only make it on Saturday, the 8th.

So I have changed the movers to Sat morning, and I now need to co-ordinate paying the deposit, meeting the inventory man and being at home to meet the mover all in the space of an hour, 40 miles apart! I really need a drink now, lol.

I have to say that although I have only moved once before this and that was when we went back to SA, this has been far more difficult and stressful. No idea why!

Extract from ukscrappers.co.uk 10/10/2005
Well we are in our house and oh it is just so lovely!!

Friday at about 12ish the man from Telewest came and took the box, Stuarts brother arrived a little while later and loaded up his van with boxes, the cats scratching stand and my scrapping stuff. By this time we had already loaded up Stus van with about 27 boxes so we were ready to go.

First stop the bank, where I had some paperwork to sign and we had to draw cash for the deposit. Then we drove up to the agents, paid the depoist signed the lease and went to Stuarts brother to unload the boxes into his garage.

Then it was back to the house to carry on packing and sorting. We both fell into bed exhausted at about 10pm. Up bright and early Saturday morning and packed up the land rover which I was driving up to the new house to meet the inventory man on my own. Now I must just pause here to say it's been a long time since I drove and driving through London is scary enough as a passenger never mind being behind the wheel of the car.

I also had to take the cats up and the vet had run out of cat boxes so I had to borrow one from my neighbour. Once we were packed up I headed out and to my surprise it was really easy, very little traffic and I didn't have to drive around round abouts three times before I remembered which turn off was mine

We got there an hour early (well we didn't know what the traffic was going to be like) and Flo, bless her, chatted to me the whole way up. Josh on the other hand slept all the way! I gave them a bit of food and we waited. Once the guy arrived the inventory check didn't take too long and we were ready to explore the new house. It took a while to get the cats out their boxes but once they were out the examined every inch of the place.

Poor things had to be locked in a room while we were unloading but they seem quiet happy and comfortable in the new house. I'm not sure how brave I will be about letting them out, but I think by the end of this week Stu will be begging me to throw them out as they tend to be awful noisy running around the house at 2 in the morning!

Stu got to the house a little before the removal van so we unloaded the boxes he brought up while waiting. Once all was unloaded we paid the man and headed back to the old house to get the last of it and hoover and tidy up, and say goodbye!

Dinner was a lovely meal at the pub which is a 3 minute walk from the house! The box with the fittings for the bad landed up at Stus brother so we had to sleep on the matress on the floor but hey at least we were in the new house!

Yesterday was spent picking up the last of the boxes from Stus brother, plumbing in the washing machine, making up the bed, doing washing and sorting the kitchen. It's the only room completely unpacked and tidy but as I see it, it's the most important. I think it will take a while to get all unpacked but i'm not stressing about it, I just want to enjoy my new surroundings!

This mornings train journey to work was a bit longer than expected but again living in the country will be well worth the little extra travel time!

Extract from ukscrappers.co.uk this morning
I have had such a lovely weekend doing things and shopping for the house. Saturday we went out and bought a new bed for the spare room, it comes with free bed linen and a free matress, although we upgraded the mattress and will be putting it on our bed and using our mattress on the new bed. It was a very adult thing to do and a bit scary, which Stuart found hilarious. We have never made such a big purchase together although the contents of our house are worth more together they have all been bought seperatly IYKWIM!!

Then we went off looking for a chest of drawers for our room, we have plenty of hanging space but no folded clothes space. We had no luck finding what we want.

Then yesterday we went out again to look some more and found a nice unit that has one draw at the bottom and hanging space at the top, Stu suggested taking it and putting in shelves until we can afford to have something built for us. There is a guy around the corner that makes furniture so we'll go and see him in the new year.

I let the cats out on Saturday and Josh just loved it! He was out catching little things before I could even get the washing on the line. Problem was he brought it inside and let it go, I think it was a shrew, so I had to catch and release the poor thing. He came home at about 3 on Sunday morning and I was having a quiet little flap worrying about him! Flo is not too keen to go out but this morning she did manage to venture out for a bit.

It is just so lovely being out there and I managed to get some pics of a bunny rabbit but it's on my film camera so we'll need to wait and see how they came out.

Well as you can see it was eventfull but it is just so great being out in the country and even the slightly longer commute doesn't worry me one bit!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Hey hey it's Friday

And it's a long weekend, which means three lie ins!!

Last Saturday Stuart and I took a drive up to Hatfield to look around some of the little villages in the area for one that we may want to live in. We were both happy with Kimpton so now the search for a house begins. We will rent initially and then look into buying a property.

It's all very exciting but i'm also nervous moving away form an area that has been home for a long time. I will miss Mortlake but I think it's time for a change and business wise for Stuart it will be a good one. I will have a possibly longer commute but with a book to read it won't bother me. The weekends will be bliss with lots of open space for Stuart to fly and lots of place for the cats to run free and gasp, maybe even a garden with grass, lol.

We are hoping to look at some houses either this weekend or next.

The weather forcast for the weekend is good, nice and sunny!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Show me the blog

It's been ages since I wrote in my blog, just pure laziness really ! So to catch up......

I have taken on the job of running a newbie circle journal. There are 10 in the group all never having done a cj before. From the sounds of things they are all very excited, but also nervous. One year ago on the 9th September, I started my first cj, I now have 3 home and another 4 still doing their rounds. I think i'm addicted !

I've done quite a few LOs over the past few weeks, unfortuanatly I have no space left on my UKS gallery so haven't uploaded them. I really need to figure out how to upload LOs into my personal gallery.

Life in general:
Stuart and I went to Whipsnade wild animal park last Sunday. It was a lovely day and I got to take loads of photos with my SLR, now I need to get them scrapped. On the way home we stopped at a 12th century church, we were very fortunate that it was open so we got to look inside. The stained glass windows were absolutely beautiful. I took some photos but not sure yet if they have come out as i haven't had the film processed yet.

Josh is getting so big, he wolfs his food down in the evenings and has any food left in Flos bowl too, lol. Flo is just a precious cat, she is gorgeous and loves to cuddle her Stu!

I'm sure i've missed something out.............

Friday, June 24, 2005


Thank goodness it's Friday!! It's been a long week with the heat, not sleeping well so very very tired.

Scrappers Block LO has been uploaded and tonight at 9 the gallery goes live and we get set for eliminations. 5 people go out this round. *very nervous*

No plans yet for the weekend.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Well i've done it.....

I have been watching with interest all this talk about blog and thought I would bite the bullet and start one! So here I start........

I have been fortunate enough to get through the audition round on Scrappers Block a new competition on UKS. The challenge 1 LOs need to be uploaded by 9pm tomorrow night and although I am finished I am yet to upload, must do it tonight!