Friday, March 31, 2006

Woo Hoo it's ScrapManic time!!!! I can't wait till I head off this afternoon, just a few more hours, a few more things to do and i'll hit the road! I can't believe how much I have to take with me, my new tool bag, AMM tote bag, AMM mini tote, sewing machine, picturemate and laptop. My clothes bag and my handbag.

The UKS cyber crop is coming up and like the last one I am totally not interested in joining in. I hate the team/competition aspect and there are a group of people who seem to make it their own and don't include anyone who wasn't a sinner!! A few people on the Pad are feeling the the same and don't really want to get involved :( It's a shame cause we still do love UKS.
But as we have a Pad CC coming up at least we can be involved in that one :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Here come the......

bride! Well Stu and I have picked a wedding date, well we have the month as yet no date, lol. I emailed family in SA and friends in Oz and NZ yesterday to give them a rough idea of when the wedding will be to give them time to save and plan the trip if they want to come over. So March 2007, yikes, it seems very real now! The girls break up on the 30th March and as it's Ninas matric year it's better that she misses very little school time so it seems logical to plan for the 31st, will need to run it by Stu first though, but he seems to be leaving all the decisions to me so far so maybe i just plan it and send him an invite! heehee...

2 sleeps till SM and I am so excited!! I can not wait to see everyone and spend the weekend scrapping in such fine company. Not sure yet what plans Stu has for the weekend, but I do hope the weather is good so he can fly his helis.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm a little late with uploading a photo of one of the lambs we saw the other day while out looking at villages! Love this little guy he is so cute!
The photo was taken on the way to lunch at Stus brother where I took this photo of Sarah. I now have photoshop but not too sure how it works yet so haven't done anything with the yucky background yey!

Okay so here's hoping the photos work! It's taking me a while to learn how this all works, lol.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tangy Tuesday

Well Spring is springing and I am feeling full of life! this winter has been a long one and I think what's made it worse is the fact I rarely leave the office during the day. I don't go out to get lunch, as I order from our deli, and I don't want to spend money so I steer clear of M&S, lol. But leaving home and getting home in the light makes me feel alive again so roll on SUMMER!!

We had a lovely weekend - Saturday morning we had a little shopping spree without buying anything (is that possible) but we did see a really cool bbq and looked at outside tables that are two essential buys now that we have a awesome garden to chill out in!
We also went to ASDA, now it's not my first trip to ASDA but OH MY GAWD, how cool is that shop?!?! The one we went to down in London, was a bit dingy and well put it this way I didn't really want to buy anything that wasn't sealed by the manufacturers, ie bread from them :o
But goodness this ASDA in Stevenage to totally awesome, and HUGE!! So we bought Stu some new work jeans, they get so manky so quickly in his business (wish I had a roll eye blinky to insert here), and a standing bird house feeder. I have been desperate for one for ages but really wasn't prepared to pay in excess or £25.00 for one...the one in ASDA was £9.99 and okay you have to put it together yourself but I feel good having worked on it, I even painted it with oak varnish, 3 coats. It looks cool and most importantly the birds love it! Although they have pooped all over it already ;)
On Sunday we went to John and Brendalene for lunch, it was so lovely spending the afternoon there and I took loads of photos of the girls, which I am yet to put on the laptop. Oh and on the way there we took a drive out North East of us to look at some villages and we passed a field of ewes with their lambs...oh bless them they are just too cute. I have to admit at this point that I have no memory of ever having seen a lamb :o shocking I know. So of course I had to jump out the car and proceed to take 100 photos of the little darlings in true scrapper fashion, haha. I will upload photos soon!

And today I am having my hair cut! I have been thinking about it for around 4 months now and have finally decided that I need to have it done. I fancy a change! So at the moment my hair is down to my bra strap at the back, there are a few shorter layers the shortest being just above my shoulders. I am not doing anything major, cutting it to slightly below the shoulder so I still have a bit of shape with the layers and i'm also hoping that being shorter and lighter it will curl a little more. Will take a pic tonight!

Friday, March 17, 2006

I really wanted to updtae with pictures this week, but i've not had a chance to get onto Stus pc to resize and photos. So a pictureless update will have to do, but i'm sure you're used to it, lol.

So classes are all booked for ScrapManic5. So funny having the ScrapManic site open on the laptop and Stus pc, cause I was booking mine and Scrapdollys classes, and we had to hit the book now button at 8pm, and you have to be quick in order to get the classes that you want.
I'm doing Als crazy Paisley on Saturday morning, Debbies Stuck on you class, on Saturday afternoon and Kirstys (KEW) Gilding the Lily class on Sunday. I have always missed out on Debbies classes so very happy I have made it into one this year. My first ever SM class was with Kirsty so it will be great to do a class with her again, and she always makes such cool stuff, lol. And of course Al is such a laugh, I love her teaching style and i'm looking forward to seeing what she's come up with in the paisley class.

So as I said further up the lovely Scrapdolly, and her friend Frenchie, are going to be there, I met them last year at Bonanza so very excited about seeing them again. The one and only Kirsty (wanna-scrap?) is coming too, she is such an inspiration and I just adore her, so I can't wait to see her. Oh and i'm going to rub shoulders with her in the hope that some of her amazing talent rubs off on me, lol.

And of course seeing the lovely people that do the SM thing every year, Zenia and Kel, who make me LOL all the time. Cherry, who is a legend in the shop and stays open till midnight so we can all buy stash in our pjs. Jules, who i met last year and has the same warped sense of humour as me, haha. Lydia, the Sues, Joy, Sally, Scraprookie, June and Jo, my 'lovely room' companions! And everyone else who makes the weekend what it is. Can't wait!! Only 14 sleeps....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ooh this putting images on the blog is cool! So here is another - it's my first attempt at making a bracelet. Had fun but i'm not sure it's something I want to get into, scrapping takes up too much time and money, lol.

Here is my take on Kirstys challenge! Loved doing this LO, thanks K!!
Oh and I meant to say I did another 4 or 5 LOs this weekend, scrapping 8.5x11 is sooooo much easier and so fast, i'm like a sped scrapper and I actually like the results, lol!
It's snowing again, just not anywhere near me :( I am so upset as I hate all the snow pics I have taken this winter and I have all this great snowy chatterbox paper and no pics to scrap, bummer.......

I went through all my sticker sheets, bundled them into 'packs' and have popped them on the marketplace at UKS, not sure they will sell but anyway i'll try :)

My LO came back from SI today with a free copy of the mag which I need to send to mum, along with the last issue and some rub ons that I ordered from the US for her.

Kirsty has set us all a challenge and I am going to attempt doing my LO tonight. Really wanted to have a go last night but I had such a sore head, it was impossible to do anything. Thanks Kirky ;) (Oh and my comment on your blog yesterday made no sense at all, I said two things in one sentance and didn't complete either one, rolfmao)

CSI tonight Woo Hoo!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

I am hopeless at updating my blog, for those who read it my apologies! I am yet to upload the bracelet I made, I will get around to it, promise!

So news: I have been published again in SI! So exciting.....I have a LO in the 1 sketch 6 LOs article AND MaryAnne did an article based on the accordian folder I made, so I have a little pic of one I made plus a quote from me about how the idea came about :)

I have been clearing out my scrap room....have way too much stuff, so put a few bits on the marketplace on UKS, have also sorted through my paper and have about 10 inches to sell :o shocking I know, but i'll never use it so I may as well sell it!

Not sure what is planned for the weekend, hopefully it won't rain!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Feeling refreshed and rested!

I had a glorious two days off! Thursday we had snow so I was so glad I was warm and cosy in the house, yes Jules I was in my jammies all day, lol! Watched CSI dvds all day and scrapped up a storm! Managed 5 LOs so was very happy. Friday was so cold but even so most of the snow melted although there are still a few patches where the sun doesn't reach. I watched a few movies and scrapped, did 4 LOs, so all in all I achieved what I set out to do. RESULT!!

Funny story........
Friday night we were due to have Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner and I had been craving it the whole day. Stu came home at about 6 with the sad news that there was a fire in the shops kitchen and there was no kentucky for dinner :( I was gutted! But he had stopped at the place next door and got us some pies, so we could have pies, chips and gravy, except the chips were finished and I am not too keen on the 'place next door'..... So anyway after a while I started planning what we could have with our pies and decided that it wasn't so bad and I mustn't be such an ungrateful old bag, the fact that he had actually made an alternate plan for dinner was good of him. So I went down stairs to watch tv and have a cup of tea and when I walked into the kitchen there it was.....the bucket of KFC, he had tricked me and I was so happy I nearly cried.....I am a simple soul, easily pleased, lol! He is my hero and I love him to bits.

Saturday was a shopping day and besides the stuff on my list I also bought some beads to make a bracelet, loved the result but am determined not to get hooked on another hobby! Will try upload a pic tonight I think I finally have this think sussed, lol. Only took me about 7 months!!

Chinese meal on Saturday night was awesome, £14.00 a head eat as much as you like...YUMMY YUM YUM, crispy duck! We also tried a bottle of chinese chardonnay, and I must say it was very good, but a bit strong, IYKWIM!

Yesterday was the stamperama show in Stevenage which Stu took me to, he really is a sweet thing. Met up with Sue from the pad and had a nice chat to her, I so love meeting up with cyber buddies. After the show we stopped off at the hermit for a beer, I haven't been to a pub for ages and it was nice to be out with no distracting tvs or pcs that we could just chat. We finished the day off with a walk to see the cows and were lucky to be there for feeding time so I got some great photos. Oh and there were lots of calves too, soooo cute!

Last night I made a start sorting my stash, I have put some things on the marketplace on UKS and had some interest already. Need to sort the paper into packs and get the sticker sheets photographed. I am not looking to replace the stuff I sell as it will take me forever to get through the stuff I am keeping, but I would like a new shelf for the office so will put the money towards that.

I have just heard that a mate from SA has a job teaching english in Brazil, way to go Clive, you will have a ball, really happy for you!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Today my kitten is one, well I guess that means he's no longer a kitten, lol. Happy birthday fur baby Josh!

I have two days off so my weekend has already started, woo hoo, and I plan to get loads of scrapping done.....Stu is taking the car so i'll be grounded and what a great excuse to stay in my jammies and veg out.

No more to report on, life is pretty quiet...

Oh sorry that's not entirely true, the days are getting longer and it's just so fab leaving home and getting home when there is still light...Roll on SUMMER!!