Friday, February 09, 2007


50 sleep till the big day, and I feel like I am forgetting something really important, lol! But i'm not, IYKWIM :D

So we went to meet the organist at church last Sunday and also heard the first calling of the Banns, I had the most awful feeling someone was going to jump up at the back of the church and object, I guess these are all nervous symptoms.......We're off this weekend to look at a car to take us girls to the church and Stu and I to the reception, it's a 1938 Austin Windsor and very cute!

I had a delivery of confetti last week. Have ordered 50 cones and enough petals for them and 2 baskets for them to stand in. We're going to ask Rebecca and Sarah to hand them out at the end, but I have to find a job for Jessica so she doesn't feel left out! It's very difficult, lol.

My caterer also called to confirm she had received my letter with the final menu confirmation and all was going to plan! Which is FAB!!

The quote for the flowers has arrived and it is better than I originally thought so that is also a bonus. I now just need to pop in to pay the deposit to confirm the booking.

I was hoping for a call from the jeweller today to say the rings where ready but nothing yet :( , but I guess it's only 2 weeks on Monday so i'm being a bit eagar!

I now just need to find some ushers...........

Oh it's all fun!

Right me lovelies I have got to go do a little bit of work today before I slope off home for the weekend, I have loads of yummy photos from the snow yesterday to upload but as they are on my laptop I can't do it now, lol.

Later dudes!


Marja said...

Glad to see the wedding plans are going along smoothly! Very exciting, the next 50 days will go so fast and soon we will all get to see pics of your special day!

RoLo said...

Planning everything and counting down is so much fun:) Enjoy every minute. I cant wait to see photos of the wonderful day:)

suebaru said...

Only 50?Wow!Getting exciting! Will cathc up with you soon!!