Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello blog readers!! It's a glorious sunny day here is Hertfordshire!
I am still trying to catch up with the washing but hopefully it will all get done today and at have a chance to dry ;)

I'm meeting Sue and Lyzzy (links on the right) for coffee later and no doubt we will spend a few hours putting the world to rights and having a damn good giggle, which is what you usually do :D

Here are some LOs that I have done in the last month, I wanted to share. The colours of the scan are a bit poop and the buttons are lumpy hence the shadows, but in real life they are vibrant and joyfull and some of my favourites to date :)

later dudes, i've gotta do some dreaded housework!! lol


Diana said...

Hope u get all of that wahsing done and dried!!!

joanna said...

Gorgeous layouts, Caz - hope you had a fabbo time with Sue and Lyzzy :D xx

lyzzydee said...

We had a great time, Sue took some photos, they are obviously so bad that they will never be published!!