Thursday, November 03, 2005

Back to reality

So after feeling so awful last Wednesday I took Thursday off to ensure I was in top health for ScrapManic IV . But before I go there Thursday was spent relaxing and getting my stuff sorted and packed for the weekend, I have concluded that I have far too much stash and I really need to put some stuff on the marketplace at UKScrappers .

So Friday I was up bright and early, finished off packing my clothes, putting the finishing touches to Sally manic scrappers CJ, and packing the car. A quick kiss for the kitties and I was on the road.
I have to admit I was very nervous about the drive down, from junction 6 of the A1 (15 mins form home) I was in unchartered territory! But I headed out with as much confidence as I could muster and surprised myself by only making one silly mistake which took 20 mins to rectify. So all in all I was very pleased with my efforts.
It was a thrill to see the house looming in front of me as I drove up the hill and immidiatly I had butterflies in my tummy, I had arrived WOO HOO!! Unfortunatly I was early and the Friday delegates were still there but I managed to check into my room so I had a hot chocolate and a lazy hour watching tv and snoozing.
When I came out to investigate there were a few people there so we sat in the breakfast room and had a chat, waiting on more to arrive. Once people started coming in we moved into the lounge which was far more comfortable and the bowl of maltesers was full, so that was a bonus. At this point I kind of lost track of the time. Debbie arrived and set up the crop rooms and class rooms and Tim and the boys began unpacking the truck and setting up the shop. Once we found our seats it was time to set up our crop area and unpack the stash! Then down the pub for something to eat, well a girl can't scrap on an empty stomach!!
We stayed up till three scrapping and I managed to get a LO done and have my photo session with Cheryl, and WOW she did a fab job! Feel Good Photos well worth it!!
Wasn't very happy when my alarm went off on Saturday morning, I could very easily have rolled over and had a long lie in but I also didn't want to waste any of my precious scrapping time.
Did two classes on the Saturday, loved them both! Ali and Cheryl are both fab teachers, both full of energy and very enthusiastic. I also managed a few LOs and even had time to eat, lol. Just before the afternoon class the manic scrappers got together to hand back our cjs and WOW I just loved mine! Everyone did such lovely entries and I am honoured to be a Manic Scrapper
Stayed up far too late again, but was having such a laugh it was well worth it. We called our crop room the 'lovely room' as everyone in there WAS just so lovely and oh how we laughed. It was an added bonus that we had a source of entertainment, but I shant go into that now, hehehe.
Tm and Cherry were just fantastic in the shop and they were both available for our every shopping whim. There was so much yummy new stuff I could hardly resist.
Saturday night was another late one with lots of challenges set by Debbie and Al.
Sunday morning I battled to get out of bed, again! A lovely hot breakfast was a must to boost the energy levels and into the first class which again was with Cheryl. Bit dissapointed as I never managed to get my photos sorted for this one and there was nothing I could do without the photos. So I was assistant to Zenia for the session, cutting, inking and glueing, what a laugh!
Managed a bit more after lunch but unfortunatly by the end of the day I was just getting too tired so I decided to pack up and make my way home. It was so sad saying goodbye, at least we have UKS to chat and stay in touch.
The drive home was good, I had to take the M25 as the north circular was closed so besides being a bit anxious to start I did fine!
Home sweet home and my darling kitties and Stu. I loved the weekend and can't wait till next year


Clare said...

I NEED to come to this next year!! glad you had a lovely weekend :-)

Jules said...

Oh we were 'lovely' weren't we??? So glad I ended up in the same cropping room as you Caz....I had a great time and a good laugh - and yes, the source of constant entertainment helped!!!!!!
Counting the days until next years Scrapmanic, and in the meantime we have UKS!!!!