Monday, November 07, 2005

Moody Monday

Oh I really don't like Mondays!! It's always such a come down from the weekend and I had such a lovely weekend it made matters worse.

Friday night was an early one cause I was so tired from a few late nights, but the down side or maybe it's a good thing, is we were up bright and early on Saturday morning and made the most of the day. Stu took me to a craft fair at a garden centre in Welwyn. I bought a scarf and crumbles for the cats. Then we drove into Hitchin to have a look around the shops and I bought Stu and I some new trainers from Millets. I wanted to buy a cat bowl set I had seen in one of the charity shops but it was gone, boo hoo. We stopped at pc world for a router and went home to install it.

Sat night we went to a firework party at friends. Stu bought some awesome rockets so he had a great time letting then off!! It started to get very cold at the end of the evening I think because there was no cloud cover.

Sunday was raining and miserabel so we had a lie in and then headed over to Sainsburys to do some grocery shopping. We had breakfast in the restaurant there cause we were starving!! Then back to PC world for a 2mb usb port. And the afternoon was spent relaxing and scrapping.

Last night we had a roast dinner which was YUMMY!!

Stu phoned BT world to find out about broadband and ended up applying so we should have it connected by Friday. Woo Hoo.

My kitties cuddled on the couch together last night the first time ever, normally Flo is not interested in being anywhere near Josh. When I got up to get the camera Flo follwed me os I didn't even get a picture to commemorate the occasion, lol.

This morning I found out Flo Flo is the hunter, and the one that keeps bringing mice into the house, not poor Josh who has taken the blame for the past few weeks!

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