Friday, November 04, 2005

It's the weekend!!

Woo Hoo!! Well I have to say this week has flown by, which is possibly because we have been busy at work. Maybe I need to find myself more to do at work then the working day will go faster!

Well last night the funniest thing happened, Stu, John and I were sitting upstairs in the office when we heard alot of noise in the kitchen. Stu went off to investigate and next thing is shouting up to me to come and see. Well my first thought was that Josh had caught a rabbit and was trying to get it through the cat flap, that's kinda what the sound was as I was walking down the stairs. Imagine my surprise when I looked into the kitchen to see a unknown black cat sitting by the cat flap, well he wasn't exactly sitting he was trying to get out. For some unknown reason the cat flap had locked itself, possibly the cats tummy moved the lock as he came in.
Next thing he was through our legs and up the stairs. After a bit of searching and then coaxing he finally followed me downstairs, but then made for the bathroom and into the bath, which is behind the door!
I opened up the kitchen door, closed all the other doors downstairs, had Stu guarding the stairs, and made sure I gave him plenty room to escape and then (and luckily it was me doing this) gave it a tiny squirt with the water spray. Out the bath and out the kitchen door he ran, turning back once to see if he was being followed!
Flo and Josh had taken refuge behind the sofa while all this was going on, when they really should have been protecting their home!!

Not sure if he'll come back, hopefully the water did the trick. I would never encourage him to stay around as i'd hate someone to do that with my two.

Anyway, the weekend is upon us and again I think we have a busy one. Saturday we need to go get a few things, I would like a tea tray for use with my new teapot! and I also want a sugar bowl in the same range. While i'm there I may look for a gravy boat too cause eventually I would like to build up the whole set, perhaps mum can get me some for Christmas. It's the
Joanne Hudson Toast and Marmalade range, just love it!!
I also saw a really cute kitty bowl set in a charity shop, it had a food bowl, water bowl and a jar that I guess I could put their treats in. Josh needs a new food bowl, one with 90 degree sides so he can't showel the food over the edge and they also need a new water bowl cause I'm not very happy with the last one I bought. I think it may be better for the crumbles than water.
I also want to look at diningroom tables I need to sit at a table and eat, really not enjoying sitting in front of the tv, it's fine for Friday take away night but not every night.
And the last thing on my list for this weekends shopping are some storage boxes for photos, perhaps those faux leather ones that homebase do.

Saturday night is fireworks and a braai (thats bbq for all the non SAfricans reading this).

Sunday nothing planned yet, perhaps some scrapping and maybe i'll even manage to get some pics uploaded of my scrapping room!!

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