Thursday, November 24, 2005


I have been tagged by the lovely Amber-Jane!

2 - names you go by - Caz and Doll (yes by OH)

2-parts of your heritage - Greek and Scottish (yeah I know, it's a strange mix, lol)

2- of your everyday essentials - a good book and lots of kisses

2- favourite bands or musical artists - Seether and U2

2- Favourite songs - Driven Under and Sunday bloody Sunday

2- Things you want in a relationship ( other than real love) - communication and fun

2 - Physical things that appeal to you in the opposite sex - muscley arms and strong hands

2- of your favourite hobbies - scrapbooking (what else) and taking photos

2 - things you want really badly - to be happy and carefree!

2- place you want to go on vacation - Las Vegas and New York

2 - things to do before I die - Drive through Africa in a Land Rover and learn to sail

2 - ways you are a stereotypical chick !! I Love PINK and handbags!

2- things you are thinking about now - The snow that we're meant to be getting tonight, yippeeee and Christmas

2- stores you shop at - ScrapMagic and Sainsburys

2 - things that scare you - anything happening to someone in my family and snakes

2 - people you would like to see take this quiz - Jo (Rudishoes) and Lou (Scoobielou)

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