Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saturday night

What a lovely weekend i'm having!

Got home last night feeling exhausted and not inspired to do much after feeling so inspired all day, grrrrr! Anyway I sat at the pc and chatted to Kerry and the girls on UKS and SP. I also placed a little order at scrapbook central, well not so little but all essentials.

Then at about 10pm my inspiration to actually do something came back and I made a start on Tracys christmas present. I decided to make her an altered lunch tin - Tracys dinner party planner - for themes and ideas for all the dinner parties she is going to throw in the new year!! It's lovely, even if I do say so myself and if her name wasn't on it, i'd be keeping it, lol.

Finally got into bed at about 12, and fell asleep instantly. I did however set the alarm before going to bed which i'm happy about cause I know I would have had a long lie in and wasted half my day. So when the alarm went off at 8 I got up made some tea and got started on the inserts for the lunch tin. It was such a clear, beautiful day that at 10am I went out for a walk with the camera, got some great shots of the farm barn and also the church. Obviously when I got home I had to make a start on the barn LO and of course once I started I had to finish, used my Daisy D's french market papers. Am really happy with the way it's turned out and the papers are so lush!!

I have printed pics of the church but as yet am not sure what papers to use so i'll hold out for a bit on that one. But in my search for papers for the church pics I came upon some Wild Asparagus papers that are perfect for some photos I have of me. I am wearing a M&S top that has a pattern on it and the pattern is amost identical to the paper! So chuffed!! The colours are way off so I printed the pics Sepia and I can't believe how well it goes. Will make a start on that LO in a bit.

In between all my scrapping I managed to sort my albums which had got into a muddle, so most LOs are back in their correct album and I seperated my chatterbox papers into rooms which makes it so much easier when looking for papers. Just scary to discover how much I have and there are three full sets on their way from the US too, yikes!!

Right i'm off to scrap....

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