Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Twittery Tuesday

Well the rest of my weekend was great! Sunday I popped out to Sainsburys to do a bit of shopping, needed a few essentials like bread and coffee, lol. Then I had a lovely chat to mom about Christmas and what our plans are for the week she is here. I also got her to do the shopping lists for what we need for Christmas and new year.

I then spent the rest of the day scrapping, and chatting!

Last night Mike and Chantal came to stay as Mike had an interview in Luton this morning, actually he's probably still there now! I hope it all goes well for him, cause then they will move up closer to us which will be great!

Today i'm not feeling great have a dicky tummy, and feel nauseus (sp). Will go home when Tracy comes in :(

Still have tons to do at home, but thankfully I got the bathroom and kitchen cleaned and scrubbed last night. And all the muddy paw prints that adorn every surface of the house.

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