Sunday, January 14, 2007

1 sleep

till my birthday!! Feeling very good about it cause this year is going to be a big one in my life, and I hope to make lots of good changes that have been a long time in coming.

The first is to spend less time online, lol, BUT more time blogging. I sit on forums all day when I could have my note book out sketching LOs or writing ideas or even just doodling. I have loads of ideas, but just not enough time to create them or the happy space to creat them in! My scrap area is a huge mess, with piles of magazines, paper and journals half done littering the place..........I have also had enough of my storage cause at the moment everthing seems jammed in and nothing has a real place. I have seen some new storage but I just need to get to the store to buy it! My old drawers will go into the cupboard in my scrap room and be packed up with my stamping stuff and photographs.

I also need to get in alot more time with my camera.........I need to practice, practice, practice! And actually while i'm thinking about it, i'm off outside to take photos, lol.

Later dudes!!

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Marja said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow! This is going to be a big year for you :) Spending less time online is a great idea. I made that choice late last year and it's been great. I have gotten tons done around the house, my crafting has taken off again and I don't get irritated reading the stupid things that some people write! I want to be one of those people who does stuff rather than talks about doing stuff and once you break the online addiction you then wonder why you bothered so much in the first place! You better keep blogging though or else you will get little harrassing comments from me!