Thursday, January 25, 2007


Just realised it's been a while since my last post! I have every good intension of writing every day but it doesn't ever seem to work out ;)

Wedding plans have all of a sudden moved forward in leaps and bounds dress has arrived (but perhaps I posted that already), I ordered kilts and shirts yesterday for Stu and Callum, and I have finalised my menu and other catering requirements with the caterer. Just need a few answers from her before deciding if I need to hire table clothes etc.

I have seen a lovely dress for Nina in Monsoon, but not too much for Chloe, the problem is the kids dresses are too 'young' and the adult dresses are too 'old' for her. So I may have to go for a proper look in John Lewis as I think I saw some lovely things in there on my way up to the coffee shop the other day.

Mom and I where looking at M&S Per Una range yesterday while chatting on msn and she has seen an outfit she likes, so I popped in there on my way home to get it, but they only had the top :( Will check in the store down the road from work today or else i'll just order it on the internet. The advantage with Marks is you have 90 days to return unwanted goods, so if she decides, when she gets here, that it's not right, we can just take it back!

My Crocs Georgie boots came in the post yesterday and oh my goodness they are so flippin cute! I got to wear them to the bin last night, lol, but I can't wait to get them out in the mud to see what they can do! :D

LO I did ages back and uploaded but took it down to be published. It was in the readers gallery of the latest addition of SI. My gorgeous Stu!

Ooh and I got myself a new phone! Pretty little thing by the name of Nokia 6111 This site doesn't show the blue version I got, but let me tell you she is so FUNKY!

Right y'all I gotta go get some tea! Later dudes!!


suebaru said...

Oooh, those Croc boots look cool! :)

Debbie said...

Afternoon Missus, thanks for the wedding plans update [i](...have been wondering what you were up to but not saying anything for fear of being classed a nag LOL)[/i] Oh Caz, I am getting so excited for you and your gorgeous man huni! Have you been trying your dress on every few minutes?!

RoLo said...

So excited to hear that your wedding plans are going well:)
Who is coming out from SA??

I love my croc shoes, they are so comfy.