Sunday, January 21, 2007

Okay so here we go! A slightly cleaner and much more workable scrap area, lol. The desk is clearer so I can at least lay out what i'm working on. My tote sits in front of me with my most used small tools, herma, and refills, scissors, pens, craft knife, rub on sticks....... to my left on the bottom shelf is patterned paper, and on the top shelf is an empty basket, my cricut cartridges and my camera. On top of the desk unit are two baskets, one with primas, the other with chipboard alphas.
The unit next to the desk is new, and it's fab! The top drawer has all my bit tools in it, dymo machine, provocraft roller stamps, 7 gypsies stamps, punches, cropodile etc etc. The middle drawer has ribbons, and lace and the bottom one holds the beginnings of my wedding stash.
One the big shelves I moved the printer and cricut up a shelf and have three baskets next to me now, one has all the alterable stuff, like coin holders, mini books etc etc all the stuff I bought ages ago to make and not done yet! The middle basket has embellishments and the one on the right is full of flowers. The bottom shelf is full of paper and cardstock.

My old plastic drawer nits are in the cupboard to my left and still need to be sorted through, no doubt there is lots to be thrown out and i'm sure I will find stash I HAD to have that i've never used **rolleyes**

And now I have a cj to finish off for posting tomorrow, so have a great Sunday evening everyone!

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Debbie said...

I'm very impressed with your organisational skill Ms Caz. Have fallen in love with the white unit and those delish baskets next to your desk!