Tuesday, May 29, 2007

3 sleeps!!

the excitement in our camp is growing as we are all getting ready for the launch this Friday, WOO HOO :) We have some special things lined up, so if you need a dose of good living watch this space!! Such fab ladies involved that I feel truely honoured to be part of this.

The weather over the weekend was pretty awful and I got very little done in the garden which is not good considering I have less than 6 weeks till open gardens and so much work to do. The only good thing about the crappy weather is the plants get a jolly good watering (although so do the weeds!) I also have a major slug/snail problem, they have got into my greenhouse and are devouring my seedings and all my sunflowers! Blooming pesky things :(

Stu left yesterday for the Isle of Man and the 100th TT....it's his first and has been so excited, I do hope they have good weather. He's biked over with his friend Michael, and been given strict instructions to TAKE PHOTOS!! :D I'll train him one day ;)

I have been trying very hard to stick to my weekly blog reading and I think i'm getting there. If I post on my blog then I can have a little 'treat blog reading time' during the week but I have to be quite strict and only read after i've posted and not say 'oh i'll read a bit then post' cause then I just get carried away, lol, and run out of time. Lets see how long I can keep it up!

Right y'all I need a cup of tea so have a great day dudes, till later!

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