Friday, May 18, 2007

Oh dear

I opened my blog at 8 this morning this morning with the intension of updating, and 2 hours later, after reading about 30 blogs, I came across this post on Jools' blog, lol. I did have such a giggle cause I have all good intensions of being a good blogger and updating regularly and, well, it never happens!

So I started to wonder why I have these long breaks between posts and the only conclusion I have come to is that I spend too much time reading other peoples blogs. Now while that is not a bad thing, the whole reason for having a blog is to keep it up to date and really if you're not going to bother then why the hell keep one in the first place??
That said I am imposing a blog reading ban on myself for days Saturday through Thursday and will save Fridays for my dose of blog surfing!
Now I wonder if it will make me update more often......heehee.

I'm sure loads has happened since my last post but i'll be damned if i can remember what, this is another problem when you don't blog often ;)

I am still on a mission to get my life in some sort of order, and as part of a very exciting project that I am working on with some super talented ladies I am going to challenge everyone that lives in a state of chaos to join me in getting organised!! Interested?? Then watch this space!!

I certainly hope the weather improves soon as I have loads of work to do in the garden getting it ready for our villages open garden day in July...yikes I still can't belive I have signed up for this! I have hundreds of photos of my garden to share but they are on my laptop at home :( loads of pretty flowers and tons of seedings in the greenhouse ready to plant.

Our potatoes, onions and beans on the allotment are growing well, but the blooming rabbits made light work chomping all the new baby lettuce to nothing (I thought lettuce was poisonous to rabbits??). Luckily they haven't found the lettuce in the garden yet, although maybe Josh is doing a good job keeping them out of there!

Some sad news now :( My little Flo flo is missing.....I am totally gutted as she is my little angel and I have searched the village for her but she is gone :( I can only think she has landed up in the neighbouring village and can't find her way back through the fields or someone has snatched her. She's a moggy so has no monetary value, but she is so damn important to me that I cry every night I miss her so much! She is tagged but i've heard nothing so I can only assume she's not been knocked over and taken to a vet. Anyway I live in hope she will return soon :(

Right dudes....happy Friday to you all! later :)


Kel x said...

Oh Caz! I'll be keeping everything crossed that you find her or she wanders home. I know the anxiety and sadness of a lost cat.

suebaru said...

Oh hun, I hhope you have news of Flo soon :( I nearly fainted when I checked back and you'd updated!;)

She said...

LOL - I came to the same conclusion too Caz - I spend far too much time reading about scrapbooking and other peoples blogs that I just don't sit down to doing anything for myself!!! I love the idea of only reading them once a week... but would I stick to it? Or be tempted off the straight and narrow? Very probably... LOL... no staying power, that's me.

Hope your cat wanders back home very soon.