Monday, September 10, 2007

catching up :)

Cake.........a soft, sweet food. Find 'cake' in your space today.
My Emma Bridgewater cake stand with the left overs from yesterdays baking :)
{My imaging software is not working today, hence no titles on my photos} converse or communicate. Show us 'talk' in your space today.
An oldie for Fridays picture, this was taken in March in year as DH got some rotorvating instructions from our neighbour Ron.
Aaawwwww isn't he a cutie *heart*, baby Ethan.

And I can finally show off my completed crochet blanket :) I am really so pleased with it and feel proud to have completed such a BIG project. For more pictures and an update pop on over to IACW :)

Only 219 squares to go for the second blanket, lol.

Well we certainly had a busy weekend.
Friday, I was very rushed as I finished getting beds ready for all our house guests. I also had an afternoon shopping date with my friend Sue, it was so lovely to see her as it seems like ages since we had a catch up. We bought a few things in HC and it's good to have someone to share a pack of something with ;)
I collected Robyn and Conrad from Stevenage station around 5 and then drove to Hitchin station to get Callum and Rebecca. Then it was home to get everyone settled and finish off preparing for our BBQ and dinner guests.
We had a lovely evening and even managed to get the boys to light us a massive 'gesels vuur' {directly translated means 'talking fire'} to keep warm.
Saturday started very early getting everyone up and ready for our day in London :) The weather could have been better for us and taking photos! But at least it was dry, and we spent most of the day on the top deck of a BIG BUS COMPANY bus taking in the sights of London. We did however get off to go on the LONDON EYE and changed at the TOWER OF LONDON for a river cruise. It was a good day :)
And yesterday was HAPPY BIRTHDAY REBECCA!! Again it started way to early with a birthday call from SA.
We had crumpets for breakfast {YUMMY} then Rebecca and I went to church and stayed to have tea and biscuits afterwards. I baked brownies and carrot cake when we got home and then we just had a chilled afternoon, with John, Brendalene and the girls, and Ron and Poppy coming around for tea.
Of course there is loads of rugby on at the moment to keep the boys glued to the TV!
Robyn and Conrad came back from London, as they had spent Saturday night in a hotel in Bayswater, and we had pizza for dinner, before falling into bed.
This morning we drove Robyn and Conrad to the airport and, yet again, the day started very early, 4am to be precise!!
Well this is it, the last week of my very long holiday! I have so many projects to get done before I start work that i really must get on :)
have a great day and...
haPPy creATing!!


Diana said...

Yummy cakes and again well done on finishing the blanket!
Love Di (mum)

suebaru said...

You are busy busy busy! Was fab seeing you and looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow!

suebaru said...

I've tagged you!