Thursday, September 06, 2007

Todays shopping trip

Feast........a large meal or a plentiful supply, show us 'feast' in your space today.

This morning I went on a little shopping trip down to Welwyn Garden City :) I needed to go to John Lewis for a few things and had a good browse around the shops. I did buy a few things but these are all going to be used for projects coming up on It's a Creative World, so I can't share just yet ;)
Tomorrow I am going to HC and Dunelm with my friend Sue, can't wait as going anywhere with Stuart is a mission as he hates shopping, lol.
We have the kids and house guests this weekend, and friends around tomorrow night so it's going to be a very busy one again.
It's Rebeccas birthday on Sunday and she's asked for a DAY OUT in LONDON as her gift, so we'll be doing the touristy thing with her on Saturday. It's good timing as our house guests also want to go site seeing so we're taking them too :)
I was up early this morning trying to get into a work routine once again, this is really going to be a shock to my system!! So all of next week will be early starts too.
I am enjoying my last few days at home, but also very excited to get back into the work place and earn some stash money!
But right now i need to make a start on dinner.


Kel x said...

This is what Feast looks like to me - not quite in my space, but 1 week and 1 continent ago it was. Have fun on Saturday!

Diana said...

Ha Ha I remember those lunch feasts! Happy birthday to Rebecca from me!
Love Mum

Rachael said...

Looks tasty I love butties and crisps. I really like your hold picture too. x