Monday, September 03, 2007

Much excitement :) move downwards rapidly. Show us 'fall' in your space today.
This tree fell down in the big winds we had last winter. We have, over the past 6 months, chopped bits off for firewood, but I think the land is going to claim this last piece.

Introducing another new baby in my {extended} family, this is Dillan who we met on Saturday :) She is coming up for 4 weeks, and such a cutie! Here she is with her grandma *heart*

Today we are very proud to welcome a new member of the creative world team........the lovely and super flippin' fantastically tallented Joanne!!!!! I am so excited to get the opportunity to work with Joanne, as I have admired her, not only as a scrapper but also as a innovative creator, for a long time :)
Yesterday we had a real, stay at home and do nothing day, lol, although I did manage a little bit of scrapping and altering. I got finished just in time with the UKS weekly challenge (week 5), and if I finish this weeks challenge today I will scan and upload them both this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
I am making the most of my last two weeks at home, before work starts on the 17th Sept :) so will be scrapping up a storm. And I have some creative world projects on the go too ;)
Have a fab monDAy!!


Diana said...

Lovely to see dillan! and great news about our newest family member Ethan.
Love Di

Debbie said...

fab photos caz and what a beautiful baby dillan is!! :D

Angela said...

Gorgeous shots!