Monday, September 17, 2007

Wouldn't it be nice........

if for just one day; all citizens of planet earth lived within the letter of the law; every man, woman and child had plenty to eat and drink; each person was treated with the respect we are all entitled to. There were no wars, famine or poverty. And all the annoying things we see in people didn't matter to us, for just one day!
It has recently been brought to my attention that life is not rosy :( now that makes me awful sad. I tend to believe that we all made the effort to just be nice, we'd live in a happier world.
Just my thought for the day :)
No HS:MS photo yet.
I am off to my new job today, so no more loafing around at home for me, lol.
If you've not yet been over to IACW today you must go see the great project Di has up today. I am hoping to give this a go some time this week, as I would so love to be able to draw, and according to the post, I CAN, how cool is that :)
Right y'all have a great Monday and
haPPy creATing!!


suebaru said...

Hope the new job is great!

Diana said...

Yes wouldn't it be nice.... I hope the new job went well!!!
Love Mum / Di

lyzzydee said...

Are you going back for anymore??
Glad you ar back blogging seems ages since I have read this!!