Friday, October 21, 2005

Hey hey it's Friday

Good morning campers!!

So it's the weekend and we have a busy one, this afternoon I am taking my old journey down South to go to the docs for my flu jab, meeting Stu there cause he is seeing the doc for a bp check. We are meeting Danni in the Ship at 5 and will probably have a little catch up and drink with the boys.
Tomorrow we are shopping for the desks and unpacking the rest of the boxes. Sunday will be a day of rest and picture taking before we head back down to london to take Danni home and collect the Macs from the airport. Then we have dinner at the pub with the family.

As I type this Mick and Danni are at the airport, Micks flight is at 12 and I'm feeling very very sad for my chicken. I hope this trip will be good for Mick and will add to his job experience but I know it is going to be very tough on Danni.

Flo and Josh seem to be settling in nicely to their new surroundings and have been out and about exploring. I bought Josh a new colar cause I think someone was feeding him obviously thinking he was homeless, hence him getting sick the other night. I now just need to get their tags written up and attached to the colars.

Still haven't managed to get my new camera working, boo hoo, I must see if I can find a forum to give me tips and hints on how to work it.

I spoke to Vanessa last night and caught up with the news from home. Nina is starting her std 8 exams next month and is a bit nervous but i'm sure she will be fine. She wants to go to the army and learn to fly so I think she may be headed for the airforce, it's funny but that is what I wanted to do too. Although I think my feelings were kicked off by watching Top Gun!
Chloe is finishing primary school this year, which makes me feel very very old. She is busy with all her dancing exams at the moment, tap and hip hop have been done, she got a distiction in tap and the hip hop results are due today. Ballet and modern exams are in the next few weeks. I think she's headed for the stage!! (For those reading my blog Vanessa is my other mother, and Nina and Chloe are my sisters)

I must call them back this weekend as the girls were in bed when I called. I must also call mum cause it's been a while since we had a chat.

Right I must get on with my day cause it's an early finish for me today!

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