Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wobbly Wednesday

Well after two days at home not feeling great i'm back at work and feeling worse! Really wish I had stayed at home again. But I have Friday off as holiday so felt a bit guilty being ill all week and then going away this weekend.

So at last it's ScrapManic weekend away and I am so so excited. I will be driving down on Friday myself, which I am a little nervous about, and I can't wait to catch up with everyone and of course getting my manic scrappers cj back. This has been one of the best cj groups I have been in and feel honoured to have been in such a talented circle.

I was due to have my flu jab on Friday afternoon but when I got there they had run out so I'm not sure when i'll have a chance to get back down to Mortlake, and i'm sure I feel so yuck cause I am coming down with something.

We had Danni to stay this weekend and it was so lovely to be able to show her the new house and of course the cows and bunnies. We got some great photos, well I hope they are great will have to see when they come back from the shop. I also had a play with my camera and am slowly getting to learn how it all works, at last! I took some pictures of flowers outside so should print them to see how they come out. Must get my picturemate plugged in.

Collected the Macs from the airport on Sunday night and got stuck in horrific traffic so it took us three hours to get home, plus they were delayed 2 hours due to plane overbooking and had to get a flight to Gatwick. Stopped in Hitchin for a bite to eat then home to crash. Mary got a call at 2.30 in the morning to say Geoff had had a heart attack so she was a bit stressed until she managed to get through to the hospital to find out how he was. Luckily he had the heart attack in the hospital so he will be fine but him and Mark have got to look after themselves cause they have bad heart genes so really can't take any chances!!

I am having a problem with the cats, well more Josh, and their litter tray which I took away. They are going to wee outside but the poos are happening in the place the litter tray was, so on the bathroom floor!! Luckily it's not carpet but still it's freaking me out! I need to catch him about to do it and take him outside. Oh the joy!! lol

Right must go get some lunch, me tummy is growling!

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