Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Two days in a row!!

A bit tired today cause I went to bed too late!

After an unsuccessful desk buying weekend we have been going through the argos book and I have found some nice desks that will all fit together and give us one for the pc, corner unit, one for me, down the RHS and one for Stu down the LHS. I will also be able to leave my drawer unit on the RHS of me for easy access and my paper trays will fit on top of the unit so all sorted, now I just need to go buy them!

The new bed for the spare room is arriving tomorrow and hopefully Stu will also manage to get the wardrobey thing too so I can sand it down and give it a stain to match the bed and sidetables.

Danni is coming to stay for the weekend so i'll have some help setting up my scrapping area. And we're going to go out and take photos too!

OH and, and, and (can you tell i'm excited) I am getting a new camera!! Woo Hoo it's [URL=http://www.cameraking.co.uk/ViewProdDetails.asp?prod_code=211&Prod_name=Konica%20Minolta%20%20Dynax%20%207D%20Digital%20SLR%20Body%20Only&CAT_CODE=6&categoryname=Digital%20%20SLR%20&%20Kits&subcat_code=283]this one[/URL] ! It's so luch and my lenses for my film SLR will fit it too!

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Cath said...

woohoo! Happy snapping! I just bought a digi SLR and its fabulous!