Wednesday, October 19, 2005

new deliveries

Last night my poor little Josh was sick, no idea where all the 'stuff' came from as he hardly had any of his dinner. I am worried that somone else is feeding him so I must get him a colar so he doesn't look like he's homeless!

Can't wait to get home and have a play with my new camera, it's just so lovely.

Today Stuart went to collect our new bed, the actual bed is going into the spare room but the new mattress is for our bed and our mattess is going on the spare bed. Really looking forward to going to sleep tonight! He also collected the new wardrobe so I must sand it down and give it a coat of stain so it matches the bed.

Work is a bit tiring at the moment so i'm quite bored! Not good really, I need something that inspires and challenges me.

1 comment:

Cath said...

Poor ickle Josh! Hope hes better now

Can't wait to see piccies with your new camera!