Tuesday, January 03, 2006

and it's over

okay I know i have been really bad at updating my blog, again, and with Christmas life has just been too hectic!

Christmas in our home was lovely, just sad without Stu, he was missed. We were up at 5, yes 5, to open presents, mom was too excited and got us up way too early, so by the afternoon I was exhausted, lol.

We didn't do too much on the days that followed, watched tv, scrapped and took loads of photos. We had a bit of snow which was lovely!

Stu came home on the 30th and it's great having him back, and it snowed all morning so he came home to white! He had a good time but missed home, he was gone for almost 4 weeks which is a long time to be away.

For new year we had John and Danni staying and although we were all in bed by 10 it was a good evening, lol. The new years day braai (bbq) tradition is going strong but we did miss Mike and Chantal.

And today it's back to work, boo hoo!

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