Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It continues...

I have decided that instead of sitting at reception in the morning I am going to sit down in the main ofice so that if security send any delegates in before 8.30 they will just be stuck at the dooor and I don't have to deal with them till I go out at 8.30am. I used ot do this months back but got bored of being in the main office so relocated back out to reception, this is fear was my mistake ;)

Phew, I can't believe we are into May already, this year is just flying by. I have ideas to update my blog daily but it never works out that way so please excuse my slackness.

The bank holiday weekend was rounded off nicely by my having yesterday off too. And as it turned out Stu also had most of it off so we had a nice break together. Saturday was a shopping day, again, we had to go to ASDA to top up the food shop, Baldock to get meat from the South African butcher and Hitchin for thread for my sewing machine. The afternoon was quiet and relaxed.
Sunday Stuart was out with John at the motor X, they had a great day but the landie started playing up on the drive home so Stu wasn't too happy.

I had a scrapping day but didn't actually manage to achieve anything constructive :( I have a design project to do for SI and it just wasn't happening for me. Silly really as I should have put it away and done other things till the idea came to me, which insidently it did last night in bed, and I so badly wanted to get up and do it!

Monday we managed to get out into the garden and I cleared more flower beds and planted more seeds. It is so lovely to see some already growing and I can't wait till we have lots of colour out there. Stuart cleared a grassy patch next to the veggie garden so it's bigger now and he planted some corn, so hopefully it grows. The beans are growing nicely as are the onions he got from George. His potatoes are also coming up and the radish is too. I do hope we manage to eat from the garden as that would make the hard work worth it.

Yesterday we managed to fix the landie, problem was the clutch had given up but it just needed a flush of fluid and it came right, I had to be the one to pump the fluid through the cylinders though and my poor legs were aching afterwards, lol.

My little Flo has gone walk about, not seen her since Sunday and I am devastated especially as I didn't get to give her a birthday hug, she was 2 on Monday. We have heard from neighbours that she's been seen running about and that the cats usually have far too much fun chasing rabbits at this time of year to be bothered about going home.
Rons barn is also a great hang out as there is an abundance of mice and if she gets locked in there she is very unlikely to starve, as I said abundance of mice!
I found rabbit bits behind both sofas yesterday so I guess that's what she's up to!
The black cat with the white tipped tail came into the house again last night, he doesn't come in too far just has a sniff around the food bowls and maybe some crumbles but any movement and he's off. Josh doesn't seem too bothered about having him in the house as he never goes to chase him out, but this could also be the result of him having double helpings of dinner and is too fat and lazy to go see him off.

Well I think I have typed enough for today. If I made the effort to update every day I wouldn't have to have mamoth sessions like this, hee hee.

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