Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Woo Hoo

I have just booked ScrapManic6 and am so excited! Although it is still only 185 sleeps away, lol! Now I wonder if I can start packing yet :o

Last weekend we did alot of work in the garden, John has lent us his lawn mower so I redid the lawn, and it looks great. I did a much better job than the clown who has been doing it for the last few months! He was mowing and leaving the grass cuttings in trails behind him, so between us and the cats we had more grass in the kitchen than in the garden. I have also cut it short so it doesn't tickle Flos tummy as she walks over the lawn, haha.
One of the flower beds is over run with a plant I can't identify so I am in the process of digging it up again! It grows very quickly and regrows from any root left on the soil no matter how small. I can see it being a big job but i'll get there eventually.
There was a rose bush in the same flower bed that was being strangled by this triffid like plant, so I had to move it, but I don't think roses like being moved. I really hope it doesn't die :( I have been giving it lots of TLC so holding thumbs!

I have not done any 'me' scrapping for a while......there are so many things I want to do but just seem to run out of time in the evenings. Will try tonight!

I altered a tin at the weekend for a work colleague of Stuarts whos wife had a little girl two weeks ago. It's a keepsakes tin and we filled it with baby grows, as I imagine they go though a few every day! He was very touched at the sentiment and so excited to get it home to show his wife......it's lovely when people appreciate the hard work that goes into making gifts :)

ETA: I called the letting agent to ask that they stop the guy coming to do the lawn, and as she couldn't find any info in the house file about the garden service she has to call the land lady to cancel direct.
She calls back and would you believe we are not allowed to cancel, this clown has to continue to mow the lawn!! Well of course I wasn't taking no for an answer, as the garden looks so shite after he has been! I said please can I give more 'evidence' for my case (lol), and told her how he doesn't cut around the stepping stones or around the edges of the flower beds, he leaves the cut grass on the lawn and we are trailing it into the house blah blah blah....
So Kate (she's the nice lady from the letting agency) called the land lady back and she has agreed to let us look after the front and back garden but would rather her guy do the big bit at the side of the house. Now in all honesty that big bit is a bit like a really rough sea, it's all humps and bumps so I guess I don't really mind not having to do it. But I will take photos the next time he is round and then redo it myself and take more photos to prove what sort of job he does, and why we wanted to do it ourselves.
Crikey, normally people would jump at the chance of getting something for nothing, not this lot, haha.


Jools said...

I've just booked too Caz, woohoo, roll on November :)

Jules said...

See you've booked SM6.........I'll see you there :-)

Jules said...

I see you've booked SM6........I'll see you there:)

Caz said...