Thursday, May 11, 2006

it's nearly Friday

and the end of my second week of early waking up. I am awful at getting up in the mornings and would rather lay in bed till the last possible minute, then rush around getting ready and race out the door. But out in the counrty it is so lovely to get up and enjoy half an hour of the day before starting my journey into the city. I get a chance to hang the washing, have breakfast and a cuddle with the kitties. Definate feel good factor!

My flowers are all coming up and it feels great to see the rewards of all my gardening :) Stus veggies are looking good too and I can't wait till we can eat them. Imagine that, eating fresh veg grown yourself! We just have to keep the rabbits out.

I have not done any scrapping this week, the weather has been too fine to sit in doors. We have been enjoying G&Ts in the garden watching the sun set.

The weather today is lovely and I'm stuck in the office! But I hope to have an early finish to go home and enjoy the afternoon. We have also planned a bbq for tonight, YUMMY. Tomorrow looks like it will be fine and warm, Saturday should be dry and around 15 but it is forcast rain for Sunday :(

I have sorted through my scrap room again and have more for sale in the marketplace over on UKS. Soon I will have loads of empty storage to start filling up again :o

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