Thursday, June 22, 2006

The bounty of the land

Last Friday we had a braai with John and the girls (Brendalene had had a day and a half so needed time out!). Stu wanted to make a potatoe salad but we had run out of potatoes, so you know what he did........he went out to our veggie patch and took some out the ground! How cool is that! But the wally didn't take any photos so I can't even scrap our first harvest. I did however photograph our gifts from neighbours.....

On Saturday Ron came over with a handful of little lettuces for us, they were so green and lush and smelled of soil. I washed them in salt water and made the most gorgeous salad, but not before taking a few photos ;)
We were also given by both Ron and George these cutsie little new potatoes, which when cooked with mint and butter were so darn tasty! We really are very lucky and very spoilt by our neighbours, they are so cool!

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