Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An update at last!! This cute little kid is William and he belongs to Nikki and Mark who live around the corner from us and have the first allotment to the right of our house. He is a great little 'Dads helper', always coming round with dad to water the veggies and make sure everything is growing as it should, and I was lucky enough to get a few photos of him before he realised what was going on and became VERY shy!! He has an equally cute little brother who I hope to capture at some point in the summer, but he is a little tornado and does not stand still for one second so I imagine I'll have my work cut out for me :)
I just adore taking photos of the beautiful flowers in our garden although I have NO idea what any of them are called! I was very lucky to have the perfect lighting when taking this photo as the colours are so vivid and bright, and I wanted to capture that without the use of photoshop.

I have a few more photos to add but don't want to put them all on one post incase it all crashes :o so will add more this afternoon!

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