Tuesday, June 27, 2006

travel nightmare

Last night when I got to the station we were told that there were no trains running and we would need to get a rail replacement bus to WGC :O WHAT!! OMG!! okay well there wasn't anything for it, no amount of whinging was going to make the situation any better, so I dealt with it and started the long tiring journey home. Luckily as it was still only 5pm things were relatively quiet so I managed to get to Finsbury Park and on the bus, which was full and I had to stand but hey, at least i was on my way.....

After what felt like hours, oh haha it was hours, we pulled inot WGC and I jumped in the car and headed for home. At that hour the roads were quiet and it only took 15 mins. So in all it took me 2 and a half hours to get home. Not too bad.....

This morning I checked first capaital connects web site and saw that there were a few trains running but figured the earlier i got on my way the better! There was alot of traffic for so early but I made good time and got onot the platform at 6.55.....and waited.....and waited......lol and waited. 45 minutes later a train had arrived and we were on our way, woo hoo!

All trains are terminating at Finsbury Park, and on arrival there were 100s of people waiting to get down into the underground to continue their journeys, it took 20 minutes to get off the platform and out of the station, which is where they were directing us, only to make our way back into the station, from the other side, to get on a tube. On my way around I spotted a bus that was heading to the barbican so I hopped on and eventually I was close enough to jump off and walk the rest of the way. So in summary the journey this morning took just over 3 hours! And I still have to get home tonight, haha.

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