Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stuart has come on in leaps and bounds with his flying, he is really doing so well. It's been a long hard struggle for him as the weather at weekends has never been ideally suited to flying and getting in the practice hours, plus the big helis are SOOOOO big they can't exactly be flown in the garden. But since getting the little battery T-Rex he has been able to put in the hours and is mastering the hover, which is the first and apparently most difficult thing you learn. He still has the 'training wheels' on but I imagine they will be coming off soon. He has also been accepted into a flying club at Knebworth house which is very close to home so I think I am on my way to becoming a flying club widow once again, haha.
This photo was taken when we took a walk to see the cows with Tania, Tristan and Danni when they come to visit us a few weekends ago. He looks so gorgeous in his cowboy hat I couldn't resist a pic and thankfully he didn't put up too much resistance to having the camera shoved in his face, again!

The wind has been blowing in good ol' London town for the past few days and while it's been pretty humid it has also been pretty grey! Lets hope for sunshine on the weekend so I can garden!

Oh and major excitment! My nasterciums (bad spelling!) have flowered, I am so proud of myself cause I grew them from seads and planted them in the garden a few weeks ago. I wasn't sure they were going to survive but they have and are so colourful and bright! I will try get some pics tonight as it was too cloudy last night to get anything decent.

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