Friday, July 07, 2006

Freaky Friday

What a day! Yesterday just before 2 we had a power outage the whole office in total darkness and of course no phones or pcs (which is really bad in a business that does IT certification!) We spent the afternoon trying to keep everyone happy and find out when the power would be back on. When I left at 4.30 there was no change.......

This morning when I got in there was STILL no change, yes that's right our office was still in total darkness, and to make matters worse the emergence lighting had also gone out as they only last a certain amount of time on battery. We managed to set up our coffee purculator out in the main reception so at least we could make the delegates coffee before sending them home! By 11 though we were back on and here I sit waiting for 4.30 so I can go home......

It's also a year since 7/7 and the city is very quiet, i'm sure lots of people chose to stay at home today with their families.
My last photo of the week is Stuart flying his Raptor 50, he is really doing so well and getting the hover perfected, soon I imagine he'll have his 'training wheels' off!

Happy Friday y'all!

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