Thursday, July 06, 2006

Last Sunday was open gardens in our village, basically people come from all over and pay a fee for a map and the chance to walk around and look at the beautiful gardens. Stu and I helped on the big field which was used as the car park, and luckily only had to be out there for 2 hours as it was so dang hot! Mark was up at his alotment with William so when we got back from carpark duty I managed to get a few photos of him. Love this one of him looking so cool in his cap, lol. And talking about being hot..........
My poor kitties have been trying to find shady spots to sleep and shelter from the scorching sun. I spotted them both crashed out under the hedge and couldn't resist some photos (blogger plays havoc with the colours so they're not as clear as IRL)
Thankfully is has cooled down a little today, well it was this morning but goodness knows we will be melting again on the train on the way home.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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