Monday, July 10, 2006

We have had another glorious weekend in the country! We did our shopping on Saturday morning, including a trip to the market for greek olives, fete and stuffed chillies YUMMY!! Stu did lots of work on his veggie patch yesterday, he has about 40 broccoli and cauliflower plants (that's 40 of each :o ) so he had to extend it a bit to accomodate them. I planted some seeds into trays and also split my cosmos plants, that I got from May, into seperate pots.

When I put the nastersium seeds into pots all those months ago I also planted mission bells, but they didn't do very well when I transplanted them into the garden and I thought they had all died but yesterday I noticed some of them have started to grow and one has even started to flower, so maybe I'm a little green fingered after all!

I'm trying my hand at growing peppers too, Stu didn't have any luck and I doubt I will be any more successful but there is no harm in trying.

Last night we had a roast dinner, the first for a very long time, the potatoes came from Mays garden and the roasted carrots came out of Stus garden. We used shop brought onions only because we bought so many last weekend but the ones in the garden are ready to eat! We also got loads of lettuce from Ron yesterday that I washed and popped into the fridge. I think we will have left over chicken, boiled potatoes with mint and fresh garden salad for dinner tonight!

I hope you all have a fab day!

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