Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My flowers!

It's so grey and dull outside that I thought some bright and sunny flowers might cheer me up! This first pic is my cosmos, I have white and pink that are flowering like crazy and last night May gave me some more that she has grown from seed. They are still teeny tiny so i'll need to nurture them more before planting them into the garden.
I have 6 Cape Daisies, 2 white, a pink, a purple, a light burgandy and these lovely bright yellow ones. They are so cheerful and being Stus moms favourite plant they also bring him lots of joy!
This last photo is of a plant I don't know the name of but I managed to catch a bumblebee poking him butt out of one of the flowers :D

I have news to update but want to do it with photos so watch this space and i'll post agian tomorrow, or tonight!

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