Monday, September 04, 2006

Only 2 LOs tonight cause I decided to be clever and glossy accent something on dare 9, so I removed it (it was only stuck down with temp herma) and now it's still wet so I can't put it back on my LO to photograph and obviously I can't scan it, lol. Oh well!!

Dare #7 was changes! What a change in me since last October.....

and Dare #8 I wish. I wished on every first star and every birthday candle for a bride doll!! I'm still waiting, lol...

My poor body is aching from helping Stus brother and SIL move house on Saturday, but boy was it good excercise, I felt muscles working in places I didn't even know exist.

I was at the docs today, I had a few things to talk to him about. The one was the yucky excema I have on my hands and feet, he's given me cream that I hope works cause it gets so itchy expecially in the warm weather and it seems to be hotting up again. The other thing is my weight!! He has me going in for blood tests to check a few things and has put me on medication which I will start tomorrow. I also need to start eating proper meals during the day so will buy some cereal on my way in to work for breakfast and then go out to buy some groceries to make a decent low cal lunch. If you have any ideas please let me know!! The third thing I had to sort out was this odd little lump on the back of my ankle. It's apparently achilies (sp?) tendonitis (sp) and he has recommended I wear heels for the next three months, so I guess I need to go out and buy some. I wear flats ALL the time and this apparently puts strain on the achilies tendon. Besides these things my BP is good and i am generally healthy.

So I hope you all had a good Monday and enjoy your week!!


Debbie said...

LOL Caz I wished for a bride doll for many years...sucheexcitement when I woke up one christmas to see her poking out the stocking at the end of my bed!
I have also recently been to see my doc re: weight and was given a lifestyle referral from my doc. So shall let you know about that goes. I have been tempted to go down the lighter life/cambridge diets route but still have my doubts about them as a long term fix IYKWIM.

Bronagh said...

Hellloooooo There Stranger!! and now I've found you!! :)
Please pop by my blog anytime it would be nice to keep in touch xxxx
PS. not at this blog anymore but I wasn't allowed to leave a comment unless I logged in as having one..