Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's taken a while but I have finally caught up with my SPESHAL DARES ! I am going to upload 3 LOs a day for the next 6 days so I have them on my blog and then I will keep up and upload them once a week.

I have decided to use the weekly word prompts to make an 8x8 BoM, taking a look at who I am and how I feel about things in my life NOW, and how I deal with things from my past and how I feel about things that have happened in my life, in my childhood. I'm not going to type out my journaling but if you strain your eyes you may be able to read it!

Dare #1 was I DREAM, and my dream right now is to be married and have a baby.
Dare #2 was THINGS THAT MAKE ME MAD, and two things that make me mad are IGNORANCE and SELFISHNESS.
and finally Dare #3 was PERFECT, so I chose to do a LO about how perfect{ly} happy I am!! (I have been asked to take this LO down till it is decided whether or not they want to publish it - It will be back ;) )

The lovely Anita has a very ill sister and is trying to raise some extra cash, to get her something very special, by offering a photo popping service! Have some photos you are dying to scrap but they are just too dull and uninteresting?? Then get on over to her blog and she'll pop them for you!!

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