Thursday, September 28, 2006

Well today was not a good day work wise, cause um....I never actually made it in! Sitting minding my own business on the train when the driver announces that the train will be terminating at the next stop due to a huge power outage at Hornsey. There were no trains going from Alexander Palace into London stations. One clever guy decided to head back in the direction of home as there would be a few North bound trains that missed the power cut due to still pass us before all trains were stopped completely, but of course I sat waiting for things to be sorted so we could move on. Silly me!

Half an hour later I called Stu to come get me and take me back to my car so I could wait there for things to be cleared and make my way back down to London. Well things were never cleared, it turns out a tree had fallen onto the track bringing down the power cables. Goodness only knows if it will all be sorted by tomorrow but I have more chance getting in if I head of real early so this is what I plan to do, sigh.

I have yet to take pics of the stash I got last week, sorry girls, BUT these lush Rusty Pickle MERRY GRINCH-MAS papers fell into my basket on Tuesday while innocently browsing around A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE (link on the left ;) ), aren't they gorgeous?? And how about the ribbons! Loving the bobbly one sooooo much! Go look quick before they are all sold out! But be warned they WILL want to come to your house!

Have a good evening y'all.......


Debbie said...

Sorry you had such a dreadful time trying to get to work this morning huni. Dr Debs prescribes you stay home tomorrow and create something wonderful with those delish Rusty Pickle goodies!!!!

Ann said...

Oh my word, loving those RP papers, and I am not usually a fan - hope they have some at Ally Pally this w/e.

Hubby too had trouble today (we are on the Ally Pally/London line too) - does that mean it is easy for me to come visit you??.. beware!