Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Phew, I have spent the best part of today sorting and tidying my scrap room. As you can see by the pic on dare #19 it was a mess and in need of a spritz, so I threw out a garbage bag full of trash, not sure how I collected so much rubbish but it was there. I have a pile of pizza boxes waist high to throw out too. Again i'm not sure why I kept them but they definitely need to go!!

It's amazing what you find when you tidy up.....i have a basket full of cool embellishments that I actually like and will use I had just forgotten about them in a draw under a load of crap, lol. I also found loads of stuff that I am sending to a fellow padders son who is very into scrapping and needs stash. Bless i'm sure he'll have loads of fun playing with the stuff.

I moved all my paper onto one shelf so I can now see exactly what/how much I have. And yes it's way too much so I gotta scrap loads before I can buy any more!!

So onto my shopping spree!! Yesterday I went to this gorgeous little store in Hitchin where they sell the most adorable country house stuff. I want my whole house decorated in stuff from this shop!! I bought some baskets for my scrap room, two to keep on the desk, one for all my tools, PC roller stamps, circle cutters, corner rounder, xyron machine etc. And one for my paints, I love using paint but I often forget I have it, lol.

One for embellishments so they are on display as apposed to tucked in a drawer where I don't see them.

And they have the most adorable little tin jugs painted pastel colours that i think will be perfect for the table flowers at the wedding, so I bought two so I can take them into the florist. I bought a couple of tin hearts strung with twine that I think will make interesting and very different wedding favours, to show mom to see what she thinks.

And this was my last purchase, that will be ideal for putting the sauces, cutlery and serviettes in when we have a BBQ. Just the other day I was saying to Stu that I wish we had something to keep everything on the table tidy and viola, I found it!! I LOVE THIS SHOP!!

I had such a good time wandering about Hitchin, it is the cutest town and I love the fact it has different shops to London high streets. There is a great jeweler that I have often been tempted to visit but thought it a bit snobbish, well yesterday I went in and *gasp* I bought myself a Links of London bracelet with charm *heart*. I have been admiring them from afar for SO long, but never bought one cause I though they were like £500, but they're not and it's just gorgeous!!

lol, and that's where my shopping spree ended, oh what a great day!!

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