Thursday, October 05, 2006

and so it goes on......

it is day three of Stuart birthday and he has had a good one this year, lol. So to recap he got clothes, a case of beer and a wallet from me. A BBQ cover from his brother and a T-shirt from his neices.

Then yesterday I took delivery of a SYNERGY N9, *huh* I hear you say, lol, yes I understand cause I don't get it either. BUT it is apparently the new, must have, premium radio control helicopter that is taking the world by storm!! It was held up in customs and didn't get to me till late yesterday afternoon, hence poor thing only getting boring clothes for his birthday (heehee), but he was so excited when he saw it and I felt good, getting him a gift he really wanted.

4 gallons of fuel, a swashplate *huh* and a motor where delivered to my work today which was all part of Johns gift which also didn't arrive in time for the day.

All in all he has had an awesome birthday and I am so looking forward to mine now!!

A pic I have posted before that is a last reminder of a glorious summer, learning how to look after a garden and appreciating life in the country!

Good night y'all and thanks for visiting!!


Debbie said...

LOL it sounds like Stuart had a FABULOUS birthday . Love that photo of cosmos, I remember feeling so excited when I saw cosmos in this country for the first time as it reminds me so much of home. Hope you are having a blissful weekend darl'.
PS...Caz whwen's your birthday hun?

Anam_Kihaku said...

wow!! he must be so chuffed. I thoguh had to admit i knew what it was as i have a similar obcessed radio control things freak here.

Debbie said...

You've been tagged ...check my blog for the "rules" LOL