Friday, October 20, 2006

Scrapfairies DT is live!! I'm not posting sneaky peaks cause you can see the real thing no, lol. My first submissions so go easy on me. Sam sent us the most delicious kit, Chatterbox papers (my fav), a blank tag book, yummy ribbons, slide mounts and gorgeous fairy flowers, these babies rock! I made up the tag book with photos of summer 2006, a card and a LO using my banner photo. I don't like photos of myself cause of the double chins and bulges but I seem to have been able to look past all that with this photo, maybe cause Anam made it look so lovely in my banner.

I totally forgot to tag people when I did my tag, but I know this has done it's rounds SO if you read this blog and haven't yet been tagged - consider yourself tagged now, lol. And send me a link so I can read up about your wierdness. Oh and Sam tagged me again so I will have a think and try come up with another 5 wierd things about myself.

I am going to get a little contravercial here, but I just can't keep my feelings to myself on this topic! Madonna and child........I have always defended Madonna although I know she stood on alot of toes and heads, on her climb up the ladder of success, she used people to get to the top, and hey it's okay cause in the pop world it really is the only way to get there. But this adoption thing is just way out of line! She bought a baby, a baby that has a parent, okay granted he can't afford to look after him, but there are hundreds of real orphans out there, babies who have no one, that will never one day go back to the parent/s. And now she wants another one, a girl, from the same village. Get a grip Madge. You don't buy babies! The adoption process takes years and there are hundreds of people on the register who don't have a spare mil to pay for the pleasure of having their own child. It's now a fashion statement that Britney has apparently stated she also wants an African baby. I have lost all respect for Madonna and will not support her music. (Although I hardly think it will make a difference in her life or to her bank balance.

I wish all those people who genuinely want to adopt all the luck and success in the world.

Lots of 'famous' bloggers leaving the blogging world, Rhonna Farrer and Cathy Z, and a few leaving the public world of scrapping, which is very sad but they must have their reasons and no doubt the change will be good for them.

This is a round about way has me thinking about why I blog, what to put on my blog and how often I update it. I love blogging and getting my thoughts out, but I just wish I could get to it everyday and at home on my laptop so I can add photos and LOs, but more often than not I blog at work, like now, where I don't have access to that sort of thing. The main reason for the blog is so my family and friends overseas can keep up with my life, scrapping and otherwise, but I do love that other scrappy people read it too so I do try keep up. I guess for the 'famous' scrap bloggers it's much more pressure to keep up and give something back to your fans. Oh well I wish them all well and hope they find what they are looking for away from the lime light.

And hey hey it's Friday!! I think there is a promise of rain the whole weekend, which will be good for the garden and my remaining summer flowers. Not so good for my huge washing pile *insert rolleye blinkie here*. Stu is out for bit of it so it will have to be a scrappy weekend for me!

Have a good weekend y'll!


Ann said...

Congrats on your DT work Caz, utterly lovely, especially the layout but I love the card too - well done you!!

Debbie said...

Woohooo for your DT work my lovelie ...I'm going for a proper snoop in a minute.
Never mind the washing when the rain gives you a good excuse to scrap LOL.

Sue said...

Congratulations HUN on the DT ..Can't wait to see you work :)