Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Autumn has certainly arrived! The mornings and evenings are very cold, and there is a bite in the wind. Although I do enjoy getting the winter wollies out and being all cosy and snug in my furry boots, scarf, gloves and hat, lol.

Sunday was a glorious day, not weather wise but just in general, I made us omlettes for breakfast, we lazed around watching dvds, the grand prix and i managed to make all my christmas cards and a few altered chipboards for the advent market we are doing. Stu made us roast chicken and veg for supper, which was too yummy.

Yesterday was Happy Birthday Stu!! And I got him up bright and early to open his presents and have a coffee with me before I had to leave for work. I bought him some clothes, a pair of jeans, a lumberjack shirt, a jumper and a T-shirt and a case of beer and a wallet. You may say he has been thoroughly spolit and I have to agree! But there's more.......check back tomorrow for an update, lol!

Ooh and the most exciting news is we have booked flights for my mom, aunt and uncle and my sisters to come over for the wedding. I was doing a little search on Friday and found the cheepest ever flights so I confirmed with all that the timing etc was good and mom booked them on Saturday morning. SO OVERLY EXCITED!! Now I have to go in search of caravans/motor homes which we will park in our garden for our guests cause my house is so not big enough to accomodate 6 extra people for 2 weeks :o !!

Um....yes, in case you wondered Stu and I have no chance of jetting off on honeymoon straight after the wedding, but we will get away once they have all gone and we'll book into a hotel on our wedding night ;)

I wish i had a photo or LO to share but I am on my work pc. Thanks for looking and have a great day y'all


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Pinkalicious said...

Yay! So glad you've booked the tickets. It's so exciting! Happy belated bday to Stu too!

Pinkalicious said...

LOL, that last comment was from Marja. I must've signed in with a really old Blogger account!!! I have two accounts and can never remember the sign ins for them, Marja