Friday, October 27, 2006

Another week has gone by since I last updated my blog....bad bad blogger. I really am trying but the days seem to just fly by!

UKS are having a gallery and old thread clear out so I have copied my old LOs onto my work pc so I can upload them here, will pop one on every day next week which will make me log on and blog!!

So here is the first, this is a photo of mum on her honeymoon, many many moons ago. I love this photo cause she looks so happy and care free, and so full of life. Papers are wild asparagus which were my favourites for a while, actually i still love them, just not used them in ages.

3 weeks today I will be on my way down to ScrapManic VI!! Actually I will almost be there, ready to check into my room at 2. Unpack the car and wait for all my wonderful friends to arrive so we can start the best weekend ever! I can't wait to see old friends, and by old, I mean - known for years, lol, and to meet and make new ones.

Danni is moving into her new flat tomorrow, and we're going down to help her with the van and of course to take her tv, dvd player, and micro that she bought while visiting last weekend. I can't belive she is leaving flat sharing to live on her own!! Such a grown up thing to do, way to go chicken, you'll love it!

And now I gotta go to some work :(

haPPy frIDay y'all and have a fab weekend!!

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Debbie said...

I can't believe it's only 3 weeks away already Caz #gasp# OMG I am soooo excited ...must make a note to stockpile sleep before we go and schedule in a few days to catch up on sleep after!!!