Wednesday, November 29, 2006

got a few minutes

before I head for home so thought i would use the time to blog!

My weekend was good, spent most of it indoors cause it was quite chilly and miserable! Thunder, lightning and hail for some of it :o

I am taking part in the advent swap on the pad and really not had a good time doing it :( not that I don't love buying for people and of course having a little something to open everyday but as it's my first ever advent swap I really didn't know what to buy and if the person would like it. Anyway, my parcels (had to make up two boxes cause of sizes etc) have gone, one yesterday and one today both special delivery. I do hope my swapee likes it! And my parcel arrived today which is very exciting.

I've had some catching up to do on CJs and have more to do this weekend to send off on Monday and then i'm up to date till the next wave comes in, i'm only in two but tend to have too many at once to complete, and then I panic, lol.

And I have wedding invites to make this weekend. Stu is at bike training both Saturday and Sunday so i'll be scrapping up a storm :D

Right I must go or i'll miss my train. I have some photos to post but my laptop is playing the fool with the internet so I have to see how to get them onto my work pc to post from here......


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