Monday, November 13, 2006

I fear I have been slacking again!!! My work pcs have gremlins so my internet time is severly limited if I even manage to get logged onto a machine. Today I am logged into a colleagues desktop with another colleagues log in details :O Not great security, but needs must!

I have the most awesome weekend coming up, yes it is almost here...............SCRAPMANIC 6!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Friday I will be heading off around lunch time to arrive early afternoon for a weekend of hugs, shopping, great company and fab food, oh yes and loads of scrapping!! The classes all look amazing this year, just a pity I can't do them all.

Stu bought himself a motor bike last Thursday, poor thing can't ride it yet cause he's not done the licence but the bike is bought and we are now collecting the biking gear. We have helmets (very nice- matt black space age jobs!), and he has boots and a jacket. But still needs gloves and water proof trousers to go over his jeans. I am a bit nervous about him being out on a bike, nothing to do with his ability, more to do with the idiots on the road who have no regard at all for bikers. I can't stop him doing it so I will just pray for his safety.

Yesterday we had the best visitors - Stus aunt and uncle Koekie and Roland, well they aren't really his aunt and uncle, Koekie and his mom were cousins but I guess it's close enough, lol. Koekie is the most wonderful person you can ever meet, she is just kindness and love rolled into one beautiful lady. I am so lucky to have her in my life and wish she was closer to me so I could see her every day. They are on their way to live in Canada, with their daughter Debbie (who is nuts!) her husband Stuart and their children. So I guess they are a little closer which is a bonus. Their son Adrian lives here with his wife Vanessa so it made sense for them to stop over and have a little visit before continuing their trip. I am hoping that between us all we can arrange their flights for them to come over for the wedding, it will be all the more special if they're here. (reading back there are far too may theirs, thems and theys in that paragraph but I just can't re-type it all to get rid of them, lol, and another one)

I still have a few bits to finish off for the advent market on Saturday, I also need to find a cloth to go on the table and plan how it is going to be set out. Everything needs to be priced so I guess I need to think about what to charge!!

Okay I think that's me up to date with what's going on in my life, no picture today cause as I said I am on anothers pc!

Have a good day and week y'all. Thanks for looking


Anam said...

busy girl - glad you have some good family and the wedding plans are going so well.

as for charging - have fun :)

SallyR said...

So great to see you this weekend Caz. Loving those wedding plans!!