Friday, November 24, 2006

A week to recover

from a totally awesome weekend at Barnett Hill! I had the best time, although a fellow gutter girl wasn't there which was sad :( but I know she was there in spirit. We missed you Marja!! So here are a couple of pics of the beautiful building, we went out a little late on Sunday so by the time we had walked around the garden the light was fading fast but I still mananged to get some cool photos to scrap.
My room was next to the shop, and I had some thoughts of burrowing my way through the wall to have a midnight rummage through the ribbons, but by the time I stumbled up to my room it was far too late for anything but sleep!!
Zenia needed a now photo of herself so I got to play photographer! She is so photogenic and I think she was happy with the results :)
I also took some of Debbie who is also a great model and very photogenic, makes it easy to take good photos!

A huge thanks must go out to Debbie and Tim of ScrapMagic for yet another successful ScrapManic and to Al and Justine for their patience and kindness opening up the shop at midnight for those essential scrapping needs! My classes were fab, thanks to Debbie J, Jools and Al (links on RHS - Daisy and Jools!)

As always it was so lovely to see old friends and make new ones. Janice was my hero of the weekend, helping me design and plan my wedding invites and organising the ribbon which arrived today - you are a special lady, thanks hun :wub:

And finally tonight I am speshal! I have had the honour, again, of being a Speshal girl. I am using the speshal dares as prompts for BOM pages, my thoughts and feelings as I am now at this moment in time. I really am loving the journey! This weeks theme is 'things for which we are thankful', and I am thankful for two very special people in my life, my gram and grumps. Through it all, they were the one thing that was always constant in my life, always there for me and always the same. I love and miss them so much.


Anam_Kihaku said...

glad you had a fabby time!! and way to go you on the speshal guest spot :)

Marja said...

Gorgeous photo of Zenia, she is so lovely and I really missed seeing you all last weekend. Who sat in "my" gutter seat? Glad to hear you had a wonderful time, hopefully I will go another time, wonder if they offer a babysitting service?

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