Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Why are people so blooming rude?? This morning a guy walks into our office (he actully works for us in head office but is on a course this week), walks right past me at reception, so I turn and say 'hi you need to sign in please'.

Now just before I go on the reason they need to sign in each morning is......if there is a fire in the building we grab the sign in sheets and evacuate, and when we all meet up outside I can make sure that everyone signed in is outside, and if someone is missing I can alert the fire brigade.

So anyway this idiot has his earphones in so can't hear me and just keeps going. I have no issues with people listening to personal stereos while on the train (at a reasonable volume), while walking (although i think it is dangerous not to be able to hear cars etc) but when you walk into an office just out of courtesy and manners you take them out and say good morning! So now just to be a cow I am tempted to mark him as not hear so head office think he didn't attend every day of his course Mwhahahahahahah.


Anam_Kihaku said...

hehehe i'd be tempted to ring his boss and say isnt such and such supposed to be here today - he hasnt signed in yet!

RoLo said...

I think there is an International Handbook for RUDE people. I have the same "rule" for my reception area and have the same thing happen to be daily!!!!