Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh boy, where has the week gone??

Thank goodness the madness of the last two weeks is over and life can get back to normal. I felt physically and emotion beat this last weekend, and am only now feeling like i'm getting the feeling back in my legs.

We have a company holiday on Friday so i'll enjoy a lovely long weekend! So I will use the day to do last minute things for me, like getting my hair cut and buying a winter coat. Thankfully my Christmas shopping is already done and wrapped sitting under the tree!!

We woke up this morning to temperatures of -3 degrees and lots of thick frost, we had a nightmare getting the ice of the windscreen of Stus car and as we were driving down the A1 it cracked from a tiny chip!! I was very worried it was going to explode in my face and I hope he manages to get it fixed sometime today.

Tonight is works Christmas party and we are going for a meal and drinks, well the drinking will continue late into the night without me, lol. Stu is collecting me from the station so I can at least have a few glasses of wine ;)

Right, and now I think I need a cup of tea!! Have a good day y'all

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lyzzydee said...

See you Friday afternoon, just need to finalise the timing !!